Detailing woodworking: planning for precision first

When it comes to carpentry, it’ The current home improvement market is not the same as it was ten years ago. The former woodworking was the highlight. At that time, people were not willing to buy furniture. The furniture market was far less developed and diverse, so ev

Custom furniture is not as simple as you think.

Custom-made furniture such as kitchen cabinets and wall cabinets has become the darling of modern home decoration because it can fully meet the individual requirements. But in fact, custom furniture is not as simple as imagined, blindly pursuing fashion, saving money, not know

Cabinet plate selection has learning

It is understood that at present, the environmental protection standards of cabinets have yet to be further improved, and the environmental protection requirements of the cabinet industry mainly refer to the amount of formaldehyde released from the cabinet panels. Excessive f

New Additive Improves Transparency of PET Plastic Bottl…

Tally City, New York, USA, Ampacet's additive CrystalClear 603192-PT raises the standard for PET UV technology by increasing package transparency, reducing costs and improving all UV protection measures to maintain product integrity, color, flavor and Nutritional value. Unlike the standard PE

Perfume bottles begin to appear on the market independe…

When reporters saw the crystal car perfume bottles in front of them, they were deeply attracted to them. According to Mr. Sheng Yulan, who specializes in selling perfume bottles, former car perfumes and car perfume bottles are bundled. People may prefer perfumes rather than perfume bottles, and th

Method for controlling deformation of wood products (4)

4 Wood modification method The modification of sawn timber or wood parts by physical and chemical methods can also achieve the purpose of controlling deformation. Since the modification treatment requires an increase in production cost, it is used when the product has special

Quality status of laminate flooring

Since August 1, 2000, China's national standard for impregnated paper laminated wood flooring (reinforced wood flooring) (GB/T 18102-2000) and the national standard for solid wood composite flooring (GB/T 18103-2000) has been officially implemented. The board quality superv