Wooden furniture exports should meet safety, environmen…

At present, the inspection and quarantine category for exporting wood products and wooden furniture is P/Q, and the focus of inspection product supervision is still concentrated on traditional quarantine projects (pests, prohibited entry, live insects, soil, seeds, etc.). It has not been transferre

Evaluation: Natural Rings Shiyou Teak Solid Wood Floori…

Page 1: Evaluation: Natural Rings Shiyou Teak Solid Wood Flooring Page 2: Evaluation of natural annual rings Shiyou teak solid wood flooring Teak is currently recognized as the best flooring wood with good wood properties, is not easy to bend and crack, and has a very long shelf life. However, th

Five indicators identify "green substrate" St…

The laminate flooring market is chaotic, you go to the big, well-known building materials city to buy high-profile products, outsiders look at the brand, wear-resistant, formaldehyde, price and so on. The quality of these indicators, no one can figure out clearly, and become a

Some process requirements for bar code printing

1. Ink requirements The color matching of the ink should fully consider the color cast of the ink, and the color cast of the ink has a great influence on the accuracy of the barcode. Theoretically speaking, as long as the ink is used according to the color matching ratio, the requirements for bar

Hardcover room has catty floor water and electricity fu…

Hardcover room bag is very convenient to stay, of course, if you are using Anxin floor, you will definitely have more eyes, but the hardcover room is not only the floor. Yesterday, after comparing the hardcover houses of many real estates in the city, the reporter suggested that the public should

Titanic cardboard furniture

There is a collection of furniture made of cardboard. The person who designed them is called ArnoMathies, an industrial product designer. The bench made of cardboard is neatly cut and looks very good! This is a glass coffee table, and the cardboard is also beautiful. Yeah! These furniture can be

Bicycle will be a sports and leisure lifestyle

A bicycle costs as much as 60,000 yuan. And this car is only about six kilograms full weight, the price of 10 yuan per gram, has exceeded the current price of silver. It is no wonder that many citizens have heard this and called it a "golden" bicycle and called it "aristocratic bicycl