Two-way communication radio intercom GPS receiver [Figu…

Ogilvy & Mather, the world's first GPS receiver integrated with two-way communication radio intercom function, can communicate each other's position to each other while making a call. Suitable for field work, field gathering, emergency rescue, and team travel adventures. Features: 1.

"Who + 5 What" Principle of Fast Consumer Pac…

In this article, based on his own practical experience, the author briefly summarizes some of the peculiar principles of FMCG packaging design, and dutifully calls it: Who + 5 What principle. Among them, Who focuses on satisfying the individual needs of consumers; 5 What focuses more on accurately

Lapping wire packaging

Patent Name Wired Packing Patent Holder Patent Applicant Lincoln Universal Corporate Principal Applicant United States California Inventor David J. Patton Application (Patent) No. 200510084181.1 Date of Application 2005.07.14 Issuing Date Approval Notice No. 1721293 Validation Announcement Date 20

Borealis launches a polyolefin material

To meet the medical industry's demand for consistency in quality and medical use, Borealis (Borealis) launched a special medical polyolefin, the BormedTM series. The Bormed series includes polypropylene (PP), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grades that are

Asian food non-aluminum foil soft can

This high-sealing non-aluminum foil soft can made in the United States is packaged in an Asian-style Asian-style cooked food. Thanks to the Ceramis® high-tight insulation barrier, this microwave oven heating bag is convenient for consumers and can cook a light meal for four people in just a few

Appreciation of excellent packaging design works (9)

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Pull type sanitary napkin box

Patent Name Pull-out type sanitary napkin box Patent applicant Zhou Xiongying Principal Applicant Address 311311 Inventor Zhou Xiongying, Fangyuan Industrial Zone, Yuqian Town, Lin'an, Zhejiang Province Application (patent) No. 200420118816.6 Date of application 2004.12.10 Certification date A