Frequently Asked Questions about Adjustment of Offset W…

The quality of offset products in the printing process is inseparable from the balance between ink and water. How to adjust the water supply device during the offset printing process? In order to adapt the water supply capacity of the water delivery system to the requirements of the printing prod

Spring nude makeup 6 strokes to create a beautiful look

This spring, we all like clean and flawless nude makeup. How to build depends on our dexterous hands and experts know how shadows and blushes play, which tells you that 6 coups can easily create a very natural and beautiful makeup. Nude makeup is popular Paul&JoeLimitedEditionPearlFoundationP

Easy to fold, portable and environmentally friendly KAI…

KAILAS's outdoor products are always an example of outdoor equipment for some outdoor people. This time in the spring and summer 2012 new variety, KAILAS's colorful and diverse outdoor automatic inflatable moisture pad attracted the attention of the editor of Greenfield. Here, he specifica

The secret of eating spring: eating a healthy body

Guide: In the spring, everything is glory and vigorous, and it is also the most active period of human physiology and metabolism. However, the spring rains, the weather is humid, the warmth is cold, the climate is very unstable, and it is easy to catch a cold. What should people eat in spring? What

6800 yuan LKLM brand travel bike Global Traveler-590 re…

6800 yuan global traveler -590 LKLM is a Chinese bicycle brand and a group of enthusiasts who love long-distance bicycle trips. Based on long-term experience in bicycle travel around the world, especially in Tibet, China, it is determined to develop the world's best long-distance travel bicyc

The difference between Pilates and yoga

Pilates is a class that relieves the body muscles and improves the body's ability to control the body. Its origin dates back to the concentration camp in the 1914 war. Pilates is a sports fitness system that was founded and promoted in 1926 by Joseph Pilates of Germany. It is a kind of static f

Learn about the maintenance of anilox rollers

The ceramic anilox roller is an expensive and vulnerable component for the printing press, and its maintenance is very important. Because of the wide range of application of ceramic anilox roller (such as wide, narrow soft, coating, etc.). However, the maintenance work is slightly different in dif