4-Step Makeup Tutorial - Creating a Perfect Concealer

Easy 4-step to create the perfect makeup

The first step: brighten the skin tone

1. Use a middle finger and a ring finger to take a little BB cream. Start with a sacral bone with more spots.

2, from the humerus to the eye, the face, the nose is pushed from the middle of the brow to the top and bottom.

3, finally use the remaining powder on the fingertips to apply eyelids, avoid heavy.

Step 2: Preliminary concealer

1. When using a makeup concealer, first apply concealer on the area where the face needs to be concealed.

2. Press the face with your fingertips to strengthen the conformity of the concealer. >>>Easy way to rejuvenate your skin

Easy 4-step to create the perfect makeup

The third step: partial concealer

1. When using a concealer, use a cotton swab to remove the concealer and place it on the sputum.

2. Use a cotton swab to open from the middle of the point in a circular manner.

The fourth step: loose powder makeup control oil

1. Choose a loose powder that contains a moisturizing ingredient. In a place that is easy to get out of the oil, use a puff that strengthens the fit and gently pour the pores to cover the honey powder.

2. Gently brush with a honey powder brush in a place where the face is easy to dry.

Xiaobian's message: For the makeup or nude makeup, there is no doubt that the Korean women's celebrity makeup concealer is a lot of attention in our country. For them, the perfect makeup, the bottom makeup plays an important role. I believe the above. Makeup tutorials MM are easy to get started.

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