A moderate amount of skin care products to achieve high efficiency and beauty

Less use of eye cream has no effect. Using more fat particles will replace dark circles as a headache. How should skin care products be used? Perhaps few people really think about this problem. I don’t know how to use skin care products . If you want to be effective and beautiful , you must keep in mind!
The most easily consumed product for people with oily skin is probably cleansing! Because I often feel that the skin is oily, I will be afraid that the oil on my face will not wash off. The facial cleanser can't help but squeeze and squeeze. After a long time, the skin has not improved, but there have been many problems. Why?
This is like washing powder when washing clothes. If the washing powder is too much, it will not only be cleaned, but also leave white marks on the clothes. The cleaning power does not depend on how much the product is cleaned. If the facial cleanser is used more, it will not be washed out, which will cause residual skin and cause skin problems .
There are a lot of cleansing products that are now concentrated. Just a little bit, you can get a lot of foam with water, enough to clean grease and dust.
The correct amount of cleansing products: If it is a creamy cleansing product, each extrusion is about half of the first knuckle of the little finger; if it is emulsion-like, it can be as much as 2/3 of a dollar coin. .
Lotion - Need to completely soak the cotton pad, but there is no dripping. The choice of cotton sheet is recommended to be 3*4cm and the thickness is preferably 2mm. If it falls in the palm of your hand, about 3cm is the size of a dollar coin.
A lotion with an exfoliating function or an alcoholic ingredient is gently rubbed with a cotton pad, and must be avoided. The non-alcoholic high-performance lotion is recommended to enhance the absorption of pores by tapping. The amount of lotion must not be less (at least 3ml each time). After it is absorbed, the face will feel very moist and will not have excess water. Water-oil balanced skin can ensure the effective absorption of subsequent skin care products.
The essence of thousands of dollars, not everyone will squander, but often people think that with a few layers of essence, the skin will be good.
Whether you are rich or have a poor skin condition, it is recommended not to use the essence as water. Because the concentration of the essence is high, the dosage has a certain standard. If it exceeds the dosage indicated in the instruction manual, it may cause further burden and damage to the skin. Applying a thick essence to the entire face has no effect. To maintain the state of the skin, it is necessary to use the appropriate essence continuously and fixedly.

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