Accident of high-speed accident of beverage bottle carrier

Yesterday afternoon, in the Hangji section of the Ningtong Expressway, a truck was turning at a fast speed, causing most of the goods to roll over and occupy most of the road surface.

Yesterday at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter saw at the scene of the accident that a truck was parked at the turn of the high-speed turn of Ningtong, and most of the articles on the car rolled over the road. The reporter found that the goods were basically bottle caps and caused temporary traffic jams from east to west sections of the Hangji section of Ningtong Expressway. Subsequently, high-speed traffic police rushed to the scene to help the driver clear the goods in the road, while diverting traffic.

According to the driver’s introduction, the beverage bottle cap on the vehicle was transported from Nanjing to Yangzhou in preparation for high-speed transport. When turning at the entrance of Hangji Town, the speed of the car was turned upside down.

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