Agfa Launches Latest Workflow Software

Recently, Agfa launched the latest version of the workflow software - Apogee 6. This product combines the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine, APPE2 and a new pre-fly module Apogee Preflight.

Chris Burn, an Agfa system solutions expert, said: "The biggest feature of Apogee 6 is the introduction of APPE2, which can significantly increase the speed of the entire system."

It is understood that the Apogee software suite is one of the earliest adopters of the APPE2 software suite from Agfa, and the latter is a new product launched by the company at drupa last year.

Bart de Pelsmaeker, general manager of Agfa Software Group, said: “The market has a very strong demand for intelligent PDF file optimization system. For this reason, we have specifically launched the Apogee Preflight module to meet the needs of advertisers.”

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