American Chinese scholars discover new "molecular motor"

The research team of Peixuan Guo, a professor at the School of Pharmacy at the University of Kentucky, announced their new achievements in the field of "molecular motors".

Molecular motor is an important mechanism for the physical movement of DNA and RNA molecules in cells. More importantly, biologists believe that this theory points to the development potential of nanomedicine. So far, scientists have discovered two forms of molecular motor movement, namely "linear motor" and "rotation motor".

Recently, Guo Peixuan and others studied the process of certain viral DNA entering a phage cell called phi29, and found that they moved in a form similar to the "revolution" of the earth around the sun. Until then, scientists have always believed that the phi29 motor moves just as the earth moves around its axis of rotation.

The American Chemical Society "ACS Nano" online magazine published their experimental results. "The revolution of the" Revolution "has solved a difficult problem for 35 years. We know how the virus wraps DNA and moves." The paper said.

Guo Peixuan said: "We did not find the" rotation axis "of the motor movement in the experiment, but found the characteristics of the" revolution ", thus overturning the previous conjecture." Guo Peixuan pointed out that according to the third type of molecular motor, scientists are expected Create a new nano drug.

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