Analysis of Characteristics of Miniature Corrugated Packaging

Analysis of Characteristics of Miniature Corrugated Packaging

International miniature corrugated packaging has been applied to various fields. In addition to the production of color printing boxes, it can also be used as a liner to replace traditional buffer materials, poster-type corrugated cardboard display racks and Other products.

1. Offset direct printing method to make miniature corrugated

Packaging and printing more beautiful, more display in foreign countries. More and more industries have begun to use miniature corrugated packaging as sales packaging. Not only traditional industries such as food toys and household appliances are used in large quantities, but many industries requiring high-end packaging, such as crafts and gifts, have begun to use miniature corrugated packaging and direct offset printing using micro-laminates. Corrugated board improves the grade of the product.

2. Miniature corrugated cardboard is used as the inner lining to replace the traditional buffer material, which is not only environmentally friendly but also can increase the compressive strength.

Nowadays, many perfumes and cosmetics such as LANCOME CHANEL are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard, which not only improves the compressive strength of the packaging but also enhances the packaging grade. Many digital and small household appliances are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard to replace the traditional buffer material EPE EPS . Due to the compact molding of the micro-corrugated cardboard and the selection of high-strength corrugated base paper, it is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

3. Miniature corrugated cardboard is used to make corrugated cardboard display racks, saving transportation costs

Miniature corrugated type is more detailed, printability is better, and printing is more beautiful, making it a better choice for making display packaging. In foreign countries, due to the high precision of die-cutting of mechanical equipment, in the production of corrugated paperboard display frames, not only corrugated cardboard is used as a support but a large number of micro-corrugated cardboards such as F楞G楞N楞 are used in place of traditional PVC sheets to make the whole Corrugated cardboard display stands are lighter, easier to transport, and easier to recycle at lower cost.

In China, the industries that use micro-watt corrugated packaging in addition to mobile phones and digital products ( including digital cameras, MP3 CD digital voice recorders, u- disks, computer motherboards, etc. ) , in small household appliances, snack foods, frozen food cosmetics, health products There are also applications in the areas of wine, cartons, and trays. In the southern region, there are many electronics and small home appliance manufacturers, and the printing and packaging industry is relatively developed. Therefore, there are many miniature corrugated packaging applications in the south.

In foreign countries, the application of miniature corrugated packaging is more extensive. In addition to these fields, applications in the fields of alcoholic drinks, small appliances, shoes, hardware tools, microelectronics computer software counters, and fast food sales are also very common. More than 30 companies such as Haier and Motorola Kodak Siemens SONY have summarized the competitive advantages of miniature corrugated packaging in the eyes of users as low cost, good seismic performance, and high-compression-strength printing.

For the carton industry, the type of tapering is becoming thinner and the market is becoming wider. Now the industry has created a trend to use miniature corrugated packaging to produce miniature corrugated packaging as a new economic growth point for cartons. More and more users are beginning to realize the advantages of miniature corrugated packaging. The production of miniature corrugated packaging has great market potential in the direction of market development. In addition, many export products have selected miniature corrugated packaging as the outer packaging.

1. Household appliance industry

The use of miniature corrugated packaging in the household appliance industry is mainly the direct packaging of products in E- paper cartons, or the replacement of traditional A and B cardboard boxes with BE楞 cartons. Companies such as Haier, Philips, Kelon, BenQ, Changhong, Lenovo, and Supor TCL are all using miniature corrugated packaging.

2 . Frozen food industry

Frozen foods such as ice cream now also use miniature corrugated packaging. On the one hand as a sales packaging printing in claim i aesthetically appealing aspect as the low temperature resistant packaging requirements. Nestle's Moonlight Box and Lu Xue's dry snow, Ailaifaxi's Eight Ice Cream and other products are all in miniature corrugated packaging.

3. Mobile phone industry