Analysis of several building curtain wall stone hanging pieces

As a metal fitting for stone curtain wall----stone dry hanging piece, although it is a non-external accessory between wall and stone, it plays a vital role in beautifying the architectural decoration with the strength and toughness of four or two pounds. There are many types of dry pendants, and each type of pendant has its installation method. The dry hanging method is directly related to the structure, installation, training and beauty of the curtain wall. As for the method of hanging the stone curtain wall, after the introduction of people from abroad in the mid-1980s in the mid-1980s, it was increasingly innovative, from pin-type. The butterfly type and the like have evolved into the back hanging and sewing type. The development and progress of dry-hanging technology has completely separated from the monopoly of foreign technology, and the military has developed its own patented dry-hanging patent technology, which has played a positive role in the reform and regulation of domestic dry-hanging curtain wall decoration.

This paper analyzes the types, development, technical performance and methods, development prospects of stone curtain wall for pendant products, so that readers can understand and understand the stone pendants more comprehensively and more specifically, and provide favorable design and decoration materials. Reference.

1. Pin-type ready-to-use pin and pad are connected through the edge of the plate to the dry hangings and methods. They were imported from abroad in the mid-1980s, which laid the foundation for the domestic dry hangings and also the Ministry of Construction. Reference for the standard (jc830-1998).

This kind of pin is stressed, and the stress is concentrated at the pin hole. According to the existing construction project, there is a cracking phenomenon in the stone at the stress concentration point, which is laborious, time consuming, and costly in operation. It is gradually being replaced by other methods.

Second, the butterfly type [commonly known as up and down. Two-headed)

The shape and method of such a pendant is somewhat awkward, and the strength of the pendant has been destroyed during processing (except for high quality stainless steel). Due to the thickness and curvature of the upper and lower heads during construction, the cutting groove phase must be widened. The stone is easily damaged during installation. The processing cost is too large, and the comprehensive cost is increased. The material requirements for the pendant are not clear, so it is not suitable for widespread use.

Third, splicing type (ie "丫", type, commonly known as "welding head")
Such pendants are commonly used in current construction, and the installation is more advanced than the first two. The transmission force is simple, which reduces the damage of the stone. However, due to the high temperature heating during welding, it will cause “annealing. Phenomenon. The strength of the pendant is greatly reduced. If the weld is not full, it will cause oxidative rust and fall off. The sturdiness and safety are not guaranteed. In the case of wind or ground propagating, it will cause a break, causing the curtain wall to fall from the sky.

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