Application of bronzing process products

In the application of bronzing process, it will encounter the problem of how to improve the work efficiency in production, especially for the process improvement of large quantities of products is very necessary.

For example, for the printing of fine “Red Three-ring” flip-top cigarette cartridges, the original production process requires offset bronzing and oil transfer. After the new materials are used, offset printing and oil can be done once and then hot stamping. Reducing a process in offset printing to avoid the occurrence of paper die-cutting and popping phenomenon (reducing the effect of UV irradiation), without significantly affecting the normal progress of hot stamping process, greatly improving the production efficiency, reducing the scrap rate, and reducing the number of rejects. The adverse effects on the production of other products.

The direct bronzing on the surface of UV varnish has a very high requirement on the UV varnish and bronzing of the vulcanized aluminum. In the varnish coating, the amount of oil must be controlled to ensure that the entire batch of varnish is relatively coated. Stable, and the oil layer should be thin and flat; for galvanized aluminum used for bronzing, it is required to be resistant to high temperature, have good adhesion, and have good gilding adaptability to varnish (resin used in varnish) The type is matched with the hot-melt glue in the hot-dip aluminum). In all products, this process is used in a smaller range. In addition, the galvanized gold on gold, silver ink and matte oil is also hot on the bronzing surface and bronzing. Aluminum has high requirements. If the bronzing surface has large particles or rough surface, it will directly affect the normal operation of bronzing.

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