Basic concept of the shredder

The pulverizer is a machine that pulverizes a large-sized solid raw material to a desired size.

The pulverizer can be classified into a coarse crusher, a pulverizer, and an ultrafine pulverizer depending on the size of the scraped or shredded material.

The external forces applied to the solid during the pulverization process are shearing, impacting, rolling, and grinding. Shearing is mainly used in coarse crushing (crushing) and pulverizing operations. It is suitable for crushing or pulverizing of tough or fibrous materials and bulk materials; impact is mainly used in crushing operations, suitable for crushing brittle materials; It is mainly used in high-fine pulverization (superfine pulverization) operation, suitable for ultra-fine pulverization of materials of most properties; grinding is mainly used for ultra-fine pulverization or super-large pulverization equipment, and is suitable for further pulverization after pulverization operation. .
The actual pulverization process is often several external forces acting at the same time, but the high-end pulverizers are tailor-made according to the smashing environment.

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