Bonding machine collection box control device

The control unit of the closing unit of the bonding machine mainly includes a programmable controller, a collection box cover, a photoelectric switch and an encoder. The output of the photoelectric switch is connected to the encoder, and the encoder counts the number of paper cassettes that pass through the photoelectric switch. The output of the encoder is connected to the programmable controller, which is read and calculated by the built-in high-speed calculator of the programmable controller. The output of the programmable controller is output. The signal is connected to the frequency converter, the frequency converter controls the motor, and the motor drives the collection box. The control unit of the take-up part of the gluing machine can maintain the speed ratio of the host and independently control the acceleration/deceleration of the take-up part to realize the single-sheet take-up; when the gluing machine runs at high speed and low speed Reducing the running distance error of the collection box to ensure that the overlapping distance when the box is collected is accurate.

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