Borealis launches a polyolefin material

To meet the medical industry's demand for consistency in quality and medical use, Borealis (Borealis) launched a special medical polyolefin, the BormedTM series. The Bormed series includes polypropylene (PP), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) grades that are precisely tailored to medical equipment and medical, medical packaging and injection molding. increase. This series of products are sold in Borouge (Borouge) - Borealis (Borealis) specialty polyolefin distributors and distributors in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Since plastics have many advantages over traditional materials, the amount of plastic used in the medical and health industry has reached millions of tons per year. Only the development of medical market-specific materials that bring significant benefits to end users can provide effective services to the industry.

Bormed polyolefins have a variety of properties and characteristics required by the medical market, including: radiation resistance, transparency, chemical inertness at 121°C sterilization conditions, and high environmental fracturing resistance (ESCR). These properties together with good formability and processability open up the widest range of applications. Its applications in medical devices include disposable syringes, needle ports, catheters, and artificial kidney and aspirator casings. In the pharmaceutical packaging sector, Bormed materials are available for the blowing, filling and sealing of containers such as bottles, bags and IV sterile needles, as well as blow and injection moulded packaging such as bottles, containers and closures.

Bormed materials also have non-polluting properties and are pre-conformed to relevant industry standards such as USP, EP and ISO 10993. It also ensures the continuity of its long-term supply on a global scale. Bormed products can be manufactured without the impact of time-consuming and costly process adjustments to accommodate new formulations or new applications.

The superior performance of Bormed Healthcare's polypropylene and polyethylene materials brings many benefits to our customers and economically replaces traditional materials.

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