Cabinet plate selection has learning

It is understood that at present, the environmental protection standards of cabinets have yet to be further improved, and the environmental protection requirements of the cabinet industry mainly refer to the amount of formaldehyde released from the cabinet panels.

Excessive formaldehyde content in the kitchen will have a stimulating effect on human skin, conjunctiva, respiratory mucosa, etc., and is very harmful to the human body. The direct way to identify whether it is environmentally friendly is to let the business issue relevant test reports.

It is understood that according to the test method specified by the national standard, the emission of E1 standard formaldehyde is ≤1.5mg/L, and the emission of E2 standard formaldehyde is ≤5.0mg/L. Among them, E1 grade plates can be used directly indoors, and E2 grade plates must be surface treated before they can be used indoors.

There are some cheap cabinets on the market, which are very attractive to consumers, but most of them use inferior plates, which are prone to excessive formaldehyde. The price of a high-quality plate is several times the price of a poor quality plate, and some are dozens of times. In order to reduce costs and obtain benefits, many workshop-style small factories not only infringe on consumer rights, but also seriously affect the healthy development of the entire cabinet industry.

Expert: Environmental certification is also fake

It is understood that the fake environmental certification of the cabinet industry is the most serious. At present, there are two main types of “false environmental protection phenomena” in the domestic cabinet industry. One is to use environmental protection standards, and the other is to fake environmental protection certification. Yao Liangsong said that many cabinet manufacturers obtained fake environmental certifications through illegal means to deceive consumers.

Industry insiders pointed out that the current environmental protection standards for the furniture industry have yet to be unified. Some enterprises that do not have professional knowledge, backward production equipment, and insufficient funds are selling in the market with various counterfeit environmental protection products or green product certificates, infringing consumers and formalities. The interests of the manufacturers.

Experts remind consumers to take the cabinet industry as an example. The state stipulates that only products that pass the “10-ring certification” can be called “green products”. “10-ring certification” is a green certification authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration. It is the highest environmental green certification in China and the only authoritative environmental protection product issued by the government. The use of such products can effectively reduce indoor air pollution and create a comfortable environment. If the manufacturer shows other green product certification, consumers must pay more attention to it.

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