Can not be ignored, make-up failure

MM wants to be able to get out of the water, and make-up is the best way to quickly and effectively “age down”. However, many MM made many fatal mistakes in the makeup process, not only did not tender, it looked old and a few years old. In order to be beautiful and permanent, the following major makeup failures can not be ignored.

1, the same as the mask of the foundation, in order to cover up the rough and awkward, often appear in a street lounge on a certain night. In fact, Miss Qianjin should pay more attention to how to make the skin itself more perfect. The foundation should only be the icing on the cake, not the cover.

Can not be ignored, make-up failure

Thick foundation

2, too thick eyelashes

That's right, it will make your eyes look bigger and more radiant, but these rich makeup will make the whole person look a little vulgar. And it's thicker and almost a piece of eyelashes. It doesn't look like Miss Qianjin. Remember, slender and rooted is always more noble than thick.

3, sunburn on the cheeks and body

It will make you see at a glance that you are not applying sunscreen or sun oil. For Miss Qianjin, who is as beautiful as Kim, this is absolutely not allowed.

4, faded lipstick

Lipstick in the middle of the party because of talking or eating things lost color? Mottled and not uniform color lipstick looks really leaked! No makeup lipstick is definitely the first choice for PARTY, if not, then you must remember to make up for yourself in time .

5, dander on the lips

Because the small dandruff that appears on the lips due to dryness makes people feel lack of moisture and maintenance, be sure to pay attention.

Can not be ignored, make-up failure

Obvious lip line

6, the obvious lip line

Deliberately pursuing the shape of the lips, like the three-level singers of the eighties. If you must apply a lip line, let it be similar or identical to the lipstick.

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