China Beauty Power 2010: Customized for China

If the time goes backwards for a few years, at a glance, the major skin care brands are promoting fragments that emulate the trend of Europe and the United States. This is of course only once. Looking at it now, what we are seeing is that more and more countries around the world are paying more attention to China. In the beauty industry, we also see more big names and Chinese characteristics colliding with inspiration.

Foundation color, began to have Chinese characteristics

The previous makeup color is often complained that “not so suitable for skin color”, and this phenomenon no longer exists, such as the soft natural liquid foundation of Giorgio Armani, the color number in the range of 4~5 can pass. Eat the span of Chinese skin. There is also the Maybelline Foundation N color series which is the most suitable for the Chinese people's yellow skin. The makeup artist will tell us that the Chinese are most suitable for the slightly yellowish foundation!

Armani pure makeup star liquid foundation 680 yuan

The smooth and smooth essence of liquid foundation is not only easy to apply, but also makes it a pleasant and comfortable experience. The 50% high-concentration formula will make all skin textures pure and soft, effectively making the makeup pure and lasting. The core technology that triggers the revolution of the makeup industry makes extremely fine pigment particles and iridescent factors, which can keep the makeup for a long time, naturally cover all skin blemishes and restore the original perfect texture of the skin.

Brilliant color, no longer people love and fear

In the bright summer, makeup artist Bobbi has introduced a succulent coral powder makeup, while the coral color with a pink tone and a yellow tone is also a favorite of Chinese women. This summer, from fresh coral pink to versatile coral nude to coral solid color, any Chinese woman can find the exclusive color that suits her.