Clean the wooden floor and don't use the vacuum cleaner anymore! 2016 top ten brands of paint free sheet

Clean wood floors with a vacuum cleaner should not, at least once a year to play wax.

So how do you clean the wooden floor?

First , use a soft broom to sweep off the trash, or you can use a vacuum cleaner to absorb some dust. However, it is not recommended to use a vacuum cleaner. If you do not pay attention, the vacuum cleaner will scratch the floor. Then use a dry cloth mop to mop the floor. After dragging it, use a dry towel to dry the water stains on the floor.

When cleaning dead corners, you can use a soft toothbrush to handle. When cleaning the wooden floor, be careful that the mop must be wrung out until it is pulled out with the foot and can not be used to mop the floor. After that, the water should be drained within 3-5 minutes. If the floor has water stains, wipe it with a soft towel and neutral paper.


Secondly , be sure to use a softer cloth mop and towel that does not contain corrosive substances.

If the floor dirt is serious, you can not use soapy water (alkaline) to remove dirt, you can go to the market to buy a special neutral wood floor cleaner to decontaminate.


Waxing is a way to extend the life of a wooden floor.

Because the wax can penetrate into the wood, it can prevent it from spoiling or deforming. But waxing should not be too frequent, usually 1 year to 1 year half a dozen times to wax. However, be careful, be sure to wait until the floor is completely air-dried before waxing, so as not to completely adhere the wax layer to the wooden floor, but to make the floor appear a little white spot.

In order to maintain the beauty of solid wood flooring or parquet, and to extend the service life of the paint, it is better to use less wood oil and solid wax in the new floor. Some inferior essential oil will spray on the floor surface and penetrate into the gap between the floors, although the brightness is increased. However, it will sizzle when you walk up; once the floor of the oil sprayed with dust is hard to handle, it should not be polished with sandpaper.


Cork flooring maintenance is easier than ** wooden flooring, and it is best to avoid bringing sand into the room.

If there is some wear, use a sandpaper to gently polish, remove the dirt on the surface, then wipe gently with a dry soft cloth, re-coat the coating, or cover the polyester film at a local location. ** As with waxing wooden floors, 1 year to 1 year half-dozen times.


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