CTP system selection guide: four aspects must be considered

1. Considered from the system's platemaking quality: The quality of plate-making outlets for thermal, violet laser, and CTcP (UVCTP, CTdP) has always been the focus of debate; for the CTP and PS version body platemaking effects, the plate printing system for the final printing The quality impact of the edition is also commented on; the characteristics of different workflows, the use of multiple outlet technologies, and the application of FM network technology are different for each manufacturer.

Therefore, for the printing factory, objective evaluation and appropriate comparison are very necessary. In short, choosing a system that is suitable for one's own job characteristics, which is neither waste nor expansion, must be considered when everyone chooses.

2. From the system's capacity to consider: According to their own printing equipment production capacity to select the speed of the plate making machine, plate making machine speed is generally divided according to the model, configuration is divided into: 10 sheets / hour, 20 sheets / hour, 30 sheets / Hour, etc. The faster the machine is, the higher the price. Generally, one or two printing presses can choose 10-20 sheets/machine. Such a machine can calculate 90-200 sheets of printing plates every day according to 10 hours, which is equivalent to the 20-50 version.

3. Considering the upgrade of production capacity: Considering the speed of plate-making, the best equipment has the potential for speed increase in order to prepare for an increase in the speed of future printing presses; of course, from the perspective of stability and protection, many After the factory increased the number of printing presses, it was not to upgrade the CTP platemaking system. Instead, it increased the number of CTP equipment. While increasing the CTP production capacity, it also conducted mutual backup of the two machines.

4. Considering the actual operating cost: On the one hand, the number of one-time equipment investment will generally be more considered by the printing factory, although many manufacturers can now purchase the machine through financing. On the other hand, the investment in operating costs is a long-term one, so the consideration of related products and consumables is no less.

Foam Material


-  Good elasticity,water-proof,shock-proof, thermal insulation.

-  Environmental friendly, recycling and non-toxic.
-  Waterproof and shockproof materials.
-  Effectively prevent goods from bumping and rubbing.
-  Widely used in all walks of life.

-  Heat preservation.

-  Shape and color are according to customer's requirement..

-  All colors are available.

Material EPE foam ( Expandable Polyethlene foam)
Size Customized as per your design file exactly
Thickness Customized(1mm-300mm)
Color White,Black,Red,Any Pantone Color
Style Sheet,Roll,Adhesive,Die-cutted shape,Printed,Embossing,Pattern,Strip,etc.

16kg/m3 to 40kg/m3,standard is 18kg/m3

Printing Silk screen printing,Heat transfer printing
OEM Accept OEM color and design(Die-cutted shape)

Eco-friendly,Colorful,Odorless,Non-toxic,Light,Good elasticity,

Shock-proof,water-proof,Anti-static,Fire-proof,Can be laminated,etc

Certificate SGS,RoHs,EN71

Raw material,Tool box,Electronics insert,Fragile inlay,Hardware insert,

Cusmetic packaging,Wine packaging,Cushion,etc

MOQ 100 pcs

The die-cutted shape USD 30 -USD 50,

Free for exsiting samples

Mold Making 2-3 working days
Sample Time

3-5 days for exsiting sample material,

5-7 days for customized sample material

Prodcution Process

1.Mold making

2.Sample making

3.Sample confirmation

4.Sample delivery

5.Mass production with quality inspection

6.Final quality inspection



Packaging PE bag,OPP bag,Plastic bag with strong carton box
Delivery Time 10 to 15 working days
Payment Term T/T,PayPal,Western Union,MoneyGram,LC,etc
Port Name  Shenzhen,Guangzhou,HongKong

EPE foam  material

Foam Material

Foam Material,Waterproof Foam Material,Waterproof Packing Foam,Anti Shock Foam Material

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