Demystifying the formation of fat particles and how to remove them

Demystifying the formation of fat particles and how to remove them
I believe that everyone will feel that they don't like nails, especially the nails that are stationed in their own eyes. How to remove fat particles is a problem that many Amy MM are concerned about. The moldy eyes are not broken one day. The moldy eyes are swollen and broken? The following small series teaches you five super simple fat particle removal methods!
What is fat granules?
Many MMs can't tell whether the small dots around the eyes are fat granules or small acne. In fact, the eye fat granules are white pimples that grow on the skin, about the size of a needle, and look like a small one. White sesame seeds, usually on the face, especially in the eyes of women.
Causes of fat granule formation
Intrinsic factors: Most of the oil and fat in the eyes and face are due to the recent imbalance of body secretion, resulting in excessive secretion of facial oil. In addition, the skin is not thoroughly cleaned, causing pores to clog and quickly form fat granules.
External factors: Most of the fat granules are formed because there are tiny wounds on the skin, and in the process of self-repair of the skin, a small white cyst is formed, which is the "fat granule" we have seen. The fat particles in the eyes are more likely to produce. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin, about 0.07 mm, and there is no subcutaneous gland. In addition, the human eye is frequently twitching every day, especially prone to lack of water, dryness and fatigue, so it is more than other places. It is easy to wrinkle and it is easy to form fat particles.
The first trick to remove eye fat particles: embroidery needle picks away fat particles
The quickest and most direct way to deal with fat granules is to “needle punishment”. Wash the skin around the eyes with warm water and a mild cleanser. Apply a wrung warm towel to the eyes for 3 minutes to open the pores. Then, massage with a massage cream at the fat granules. Next, take an embroidered needle that has been sterilized with alcohol, pick out the fat granules from the fat sac, and then use a cotton swab to smear the alcohol to disinfect the wound. Finally, apply the ointment.
The second measure to remove eye fat particles: Vitamin E removes fat particles
Compared with the needle-shaped method, the method of removing fat particles with vitamin E takes a long time and must be adhered to for a long time. If you have a fat-colored girl in the eye, try washing your face every night. Use vitamin E capsules to evenly spread the pricked liquid on the fat particles of the eye area. Massage until the liquid evaporates. The fat granules will naturally fall off.
The third measure to remove eye fat particles: oily skin does not need too moisturizing eye cream
Some girls will use some too moisturizing eye cream to care for the eyes, but for oily skin, moisturizing eye cream will cause the skin to absorb and produce fat particles, so it is recommended that beautiful girls should carefully choose the eye cream that suits their skin.
The fourth measure to remove eye fat particles: essential oil massage
Use eye care essential oil to eliminate excess fat particles through rapid penetration of the skin. It will accelerate eye blood circulation and stimulate skin secretion during massage. However, during massage, it is necessary to pay attention to the strength and position of the massage technique. Otherwise, otherwise It is easy to accidentally injure the weak eye skin, causing skin damage and then causing fat particles. How to judge that the massage technique is too heavy and the skin has a weak tingling feeling, it means that the skin is damaged, and it is necessary to stop quickly.
The fifth measure to remove eye fat particles: lemon water control oil to eliminate fat particles
Using a cup of brewed lemonade on an empty stomach every morning can enhance the gastrointestinal motility and help digestion. Lemon has an effective bactericidal function, which can lower blood fat, help the body to eliminate toxins and excess oil, and at the same time have oil control effect.

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