Detailing woodworking: planning for precision first

When it comes to carpentry, it’

The current home improvement market is not the same as it was ten years ago. The former woodworking was the highlight. At that time, people were not willing to buy furniture. The furniture market was far less developed and diverse, so every household relied on wood to wear clothes for the entire house. Nowadays, the market structure has changed a lot according to the demand. When the work that originally belonged to the carpentry was decomposed by some professional manufacturers, what other work needs to be done at the carpentry home improvement site? Under what circumstances should the owner choose finished furniture? When do you choose to make live production? Is there a standard that can be relied upon?

â–  How to choose the right plate?

â–  Can you buy wood for yourself to make cabinets or cloakrooms?

â–  Is it necessary to put horizontal and vertical lines before production?

â–  How to check the quality of the woodworking?

Before you start woodworking, as the owner, you need to do the most two things:

The first is to make a choice.

What choices to make? As we mentioned before, which part of the furniture or facilities needs to go to the market to buy the finished product, and then the rest must be made on-site.

What should I do second? Still make a choice, but this time I chose the basic board to be used for decoration. The good and bad of the board, suitable and unsuitable, can directly affect the final decoration effect.

After analyzing the context clearly, let's first talk about the criteria for selecting the furniture to be made on site or for the whole purchase:

Most of the owners are considering the price component when they ask this question. In fact, based on our experience, it seems that playing furniture will always be more cost-effective than buying some of the finished furniture on the market. As everyone knows, what you are calculating is only the price of the basic board. If the labor cost, material cost and post-production cost including some handles, hardware, etc. are all counted together, it may not be much cheaper than the finished cabinet. And even if it can be cheaper than half, but during this period, you not only have to pay a lot of time and energy to buy materials, but also the furniture can not be satisfactory, because after all, not a professional manufacturer, technology put aside, at least the tools and equipment are sure It is not as good as a professional manufacturer, so the processing accuracy and aesthetics can be imagined. If one day the cabinet door is broken or the hinge is broken, who will guarantee it for you? Of course, this does not include some owners with special requirements. As long as this is not the case, if the market sells it, try to buy it in the market. Furniture, beds, cabinets, cloakrooms, and even some Chinese doors and windows, partition doors, etc. Finished or semi-finished products are available for selection.

The biggest advantage of choosing to buy finished furniture is that it is bright and bright. What you see is what it looks like in the future. It doesn’t look like it’s so flexible. It’s often thought of One thing, but it is another thing. The most important thing is to buy finished furniture to avoid secondary pollution. It is very environmentally friendly. That is to say, you have spared all the whole process of processing. Isn't this a very scientific and cost-effective choice?

Let's talk about which facilities must be produced on site:

For example, some personalized porches, shoe cabinets, some side-by-side cabinets designed with storage functions, corner walls, wall skirts, door and window covers, ceilings, partitions, wooden decorations, and some lines and corners of the room. These facilities are directly linked to your needs and are linked to the room type. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to the local conditions, and the corresponding products can be found in the market. The requirements for the process and processing accuracy are not very demanding. Please ask the master to play. Including some platforms that young people like, they also need the woodworker to make the scene according to your needs and the size of the room.

What you need to know in this session is your own needs and focus.

Price is only one aspect and should not be used as the sole benchmark. Cost and demand are the most important compared to price.

So we advocate that we can do it outside and try to do it outside.

If you can bring pollution to your home, try not to bring pollution to your home.

I want to figure out which part to make which part to buy, the following is the choice of basic materials:

In the choice of basic materials, it is best to use red pine. But you must buy a relatively dry one, and the tide is not good.

The most commonly used large core board in home improvement, the content of formaldehyde and benzene must be considered before purchase. It is related to health. It is necessary to ask the manufacturer for a parameter index and carefully evaluate it. In addition, the flatness of the large core board should also be taken into consideration. As for the choice of keel, light steel keel has gradually become the mainstream, and wooden keel is no longer the first choice.

â–  Need to know:

1. Woodworking must first play the horizontal line of the house.

2. The color panel should be pre-colored, and once you enter the scene, you should first use the paint brush to prevent it from getting dirty.

3. The plasterboard should be fixed with a countersunk head tapping screw, enter the board surface 1~2mm, and do rust and crack prevention treatment.

4. The distance between the nails of the plasterboard shall not exceed 200mm.

5. The bottom of the bathroom door cover should be waterproof.

6. The size of the door should be the same.

7. Furniture cabinets can be bought and bought.

8. If you plan to make a platform-based leisure area at home, you must make anti-corrosion facilities, especially in the case of wet walls, and keep the force evenly. Try not to put the sound on the platform. Facilities, to reduce resonance, but also to reserve the amount of wood expansion and contraction.

â–  A few words:

The last thing to be embarrassed is that the carpentry program is correct from top to bottom. First the ceiling, then the wall, then the ground. Then, to check whether the craftsman of the carpenter is accurate or not, whether the work is beautiful or not, mainly depends on the beginning and the end of his work, that is, whether the parts such as closing and crossing are strictly combined and confessed. As for the wood texture, color difference, feel, etc. of the veneer, try to choose and carefully select it, preferably on the same tree and the same batch of materials. As the saying goes, "Long carpenter, short blacksmith." That is to say, the woodworking is not afraid of the size of the large, it is afraid that the size will remain small, and there will be no way to change it in the future. Therefore, based on such standards, if you want to order furniture for doors and windows in the future, you must ask the professional manufacturer's master to go to the site to make measurements. Don't save time for the map, and you will be able to measure the size for others. Remember to remember.

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