Detergent bottle with sprayer and funnel

Whether from an environmental point of view or from a savings point of view, it would be more cost-effective to refill a used detergent bottle with a brand of bagged detergent. In order to make this filling process more convenient and faster, the designer designed a rubber hopper on this new detergent bottle, which can be attached to the detergent bottle when it is in use. When it is necessary to fill the detergent solution, it is only necessary to add it. Flip, a funnel that just fits in the bottle can be molded.

The Stainless Iron Induction Base is made of food grade stainless steel. He is safe, durable, corrosion resistant, healthy material, and does not produce harmful metal substances, so as to avoid the second pollution of the process.We never use high strength steel to make food grade materials, so the quality is guaranteed.Stainless lron Induction Base

Stainless Iron Induction Base

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