Do a good job before makeup, away from large oil fields

Do a good job before makeup, away from large oil fields

Even in the summer, even awesome and neutral skin is inevitable, not to mention the large oil fields that are flooded. Instead of paying a lot of money to replace the summer makeup items, it is better to think carefully before the makeup skin care, and kill the shine before the makeup, so the makeup will naturally come out.

Pre-makeup skin care step STEP1:

Use a toner that balances the water and oil to soak the cotton pad and gently wipe the face, especially the forehead, nose and other oily areas.

Pre-makeup skin care step by step STEP2:

Most of the air-conditioned rooms are closed tightly. They are the sarcoplasmic state of the internal and external oil. The key to oil control is actually hydrating, and the skin water and oil balance is adjusted to the best condition. Soak the moisturizing lotion on a cotton pad and massage in the face and neck. Not only can it reduce the sticky feeling of the moisturizing lotion, but also have a certain exfoliating effect, so that the subsequent makeup effect is more transparent.

Pre-makeup skin care step STEP3:

Oil field skin often has acne around, while concealer products can cover up the acne marks, but usually dry skin around the acne is helpless. Prepare a tea tree oil in the cosmetic bag, gently point it in the place where the acne is acne, do a little massage and then use the moisturizing essence, apply it to the affected area and the skin around the acne can be easily solved.

Clarins Hengrun Muscle Moisturizing Condensate 470 yuan 50ml

In the moment of contact with the skin, it is transformed into a leeches texture, which makes the skin feel cool and refreshed. It can adjust the balance of water and oil and restore moisturizing vitality. It is suitable for summer climate or hot environment!

AUPRES Oupai Yongquan Runner Soft Water 170 Yuan 170ml

Skin cells *1 in a state of excitement can easily lead to repeated dryness of the skin. This soft water can solve the problem of repeated drying from the root cause by forming a pure and good cell environment that can self-moisturize in a harsh dry environment. In order to make the soft water penetrate the entire face more evenly and improve the moisturizing effect of the skin, it is recommended to use the Oupley skin cotton.

The new Clinique looks like a new angry color morning milk 360 yuan 50ml

The oil-free, oil-free formula completely awakens the skin, leaving the skin fresh, radiant, and radiant from the inside out. Adhere to the use of this morning milk, will help to inhibit excess oil secretion in the oily parts of the skin. In addition, this moisturizing cream has a light-sensing component that brightens the skin tone, which can enhance the natural color of the skin, keep the skin away from shine, quickly restore the translucent brilliance, and defeat the grayish yellow, dull and tired. A good day begins with giving your skin vitality.

珂 Run Run Moisturizing Gentle Lotion 158 yuan 120ml

Contains "Infiltrating Moisturizing Ceramide Functional Ingredients*2" to create a radiant complexion - Moisturizing ingredients that help maintain moisture hydration ("Infusion Moisturizing Ceramide Functional Ingredients*2", Blue Oak Leaf Extract) can penetrate into the stratum corneum. Makes the skin less susceptible to external stimuli and maintains a rich, radiant skin condition.

2-tier fruit basket

Organization Rack is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, It is easier to clean without rust, safe, healthy and durable, Prevent rust or chemicals from contaminating food and damaging health. Suitable for putting fruits vegetables and bread in kitchen, dining and bar.

Humanization Design: The stainless steel Fruit Basket are designed with no borders and hidden solder joints, will not cut your hand, and does not hang fabric, more convenient cleaning. Start with the details and let the family eat more reassuring food.

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