Far East Launches FTB Series Computer Multifunctional Coater

Uses and features:

Aluminized transfer gold and silver paperboard and aluminum-plated transfer laser paperboard is a new generation of new packaging materials, with a consumption of precious metals - less aluminum, no restrictions on the paper substrate, printing adaptability, high surface gloss and not The advantage of polluting the environment is a green packaging material.

The FTB series multi-functional composite coating machine introduced by Shantou Far East Lightning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a key equipment in the production of aluminum-plated transfer gold and silver cardboard. It can carry out wet compounding of aluminum-plated film and paper, as well as peeling and After the coloring process, and when the high light laminating, direct aluminized film of the bottom, surface coating, is a multi-functional, high-precision electromechanical equipment.

FTB type multi-function coating machine applies PLC and color touch screen, man-machine interface, and completes the operation of the whole machine, on-line detection and automation control. The whole machine realizes dynamic synchronous automatic control of the speed and multi-segment tensions of unwinding, dehumidifying, gluing, compounding, coloring, drying, rewetting shaping, cooling, winding, and the like. The use of a large roll center winding method, adjustable taper taper, effectively avoids scratches and crushes. Application track and gap clearance and pressure roller contact pressure dynamic automatic control. The control accuracy of the whole machine, including the tension control precision, the temperature control precision of drying tunnel, the coating precision, and the winding precision, have reached or approached the advanced level of the international similar machines, and they are in the leading position in China.

Uses for production

1. Aluminized film (BOPP, BOPET) and paper wet composite and coloring;
2. Aluminized transfer film, holographic transfer film and paper wet composite;
3. Transfer and coloring of transfer paper;
4. Coating of the bottom and top layers of direct aluminized paper.

Aluminum Cap

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