High-precision layer thickness controller for co-extruded blown film

The innovative system has a special co-extrusion capability that can simultaneously extrude multiple materials. The output is also doubled, allowing an extruder to increase production by 40-50% without investing in multiple extruders.

Germany's Octagon Process Technologies distributes ScenEx CB technology to provide economical layer thickness control for blown film coextrusion lines using more than three extruders. The outstanding feature of this new method is its highly compact design. A gravity test production control system works in conjunction with a traction controller to ensure accurate alignment with each predetermined layer thickness. The basic structure of ScenEx CB includes:

â—† Each WLS has a WLS gravimetric productivity sensor;
â—† Reel speed sensor on traction;
â—† With the fieldbus system, the MAC-CB computer is connected to the sensor to generate the necessary control functions.

After the operator enters the target output (weight per meter), the system calculates the required throughput for each extruder on a linear speed basis and controls the thickness of each layer through the screw speed. Therefore, the user can comfortably simultaneously change the total production volume and the total weight per meter for all extruders. In order to further improve the layer thickness control accuracy, ScenEx CB can be combined with Octagon's width measurement and control package. As long as the operator determines the target value, the system will automatically control the average thickness of each film layer, within a tolerance of 1%. Therefore, production changes can be realized quickly and easily with minimal material input.

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