Home store "manual" marketing "winter" heating

Previously, Chengwai Cheng has held several blasting marketing activities, and the joint promotion and three-dimensional profit-making measures have given consumers more favorable offers. Profile picture

In 2014, the Beijing real estate market was always in a downturn, and the downstream home circulation industry was also affected. In an environment where the industry is getting colder, how to “manually” revitalize and warm up the market, test the wisdom of the home store and “work hard”. After the successful transformation of the five major venues, Chengwai Chengjia Plaza will usher in the largest blasting marketing in 2014. With three-dimensional, accurate and complete marketing measures, we will focus on the advantages of real home shopping in a variety of ways.

Home store adjusted for winter

In 2014, the home market was exposed to multiple pressures from weak consumer demand and network e-commerce channels. This winter came earlier. The traditional home store that pays attention to user experience and real materials, strives to exert its advantages through various ways, and strives for customers from multiple channels online and offline.

This year, Chengwai Home Furnishing Plaza is also self-adjusting. It has built a classical (classical decoration renderings) pavilion and an international pavilion, completed the upgrade of the five major venues; at the same time upgraded management and services, and sought market opportunities with merchants. Liu Yang, deputy general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza, said: "In the past two years, our management of merchants has changed, from the simple 'rental' to become a community of interests of merchants, with merchants going out and looking for customers. Management, We examine merchants from multiple levels of passenger flow and sales, and at the same time link business performance with team management capabilities; in marketing, we organize group buying activities, enter the community, analyze data, and actively attract customers. We hope that through a number of initiatives, consumers will appreciate The benefits of offline stores, and the quality of service outside the city."

"All staff marketing" enhances confidence

According to reports, on December 6-7, Chengwai Chengjia Plaza will launch the last large-scale blasting promotion of this year. Liu Yang said that the city outside the city has taken the three modes of real estate, telephone and network in the early stage to win the source of tourists, so that the promotion of blasting can be multi-angled and comprehensively covered. It is expected that the audience will reach 5 million in the early stage. The event not only continued the previous stage price, full reduction, lottery and other forms, but also introduced points and discounts on home appliances and merchant brand alliances. This kind of linkage promotion and three-dimensional profit-making measures gave consumers more Offer. Liu Yang said: "Now, our blasting system is more mature. From the previous market adjustment and planning, to the mid-term promotion and implementation, to the later store marketing, we have accumulated a lot of valuable resources and practical experience. This is the blasting ability. One of the key elements of success."

â–  Conversation

“ All staff marketing” boosts the market

Beijing News: What is the difference between this blasting marketing and previous activities?

Liu Yang (Deputy General Manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza): The event promoted more than 1,200 merchants in the venue, and used the methods of integrating big data, building brand alliance, guiding merchant marketing, and training exhibitors to form a “full member”. The "big picture of marketing" is also the first large-scale training after the completion of the transformation of the five major venues outside the city, which plays an important role in boosting market confidence.

Beijing News: What benefits can consumers get from it?

Liu Yang: In this event, the five major venues of Chengcheng Chengcheng participated in the whole category and all brands, and promised the lowest price for the whole year, the insurance price was one year, and the difference was ten times. During the event, if the customer purchases over 5,000 yuan and the down payment is 20% or more, they can reduce the amount by 300 yuan on the basis of the "cash red envelope" or "electronic red envelope". The single brand is limited once, and the special products are not participated. In addition, during the event period Consumers pay 20% or more of the down payment, and the actual payment amount is 1 yuan. The points earned can be exchanged for gifts such as home appliances and silk quilts at the Chengcheng Points Supermarket. Consumers pay 20% or more of the down payment. 3,000 yuan can be drawn once, pay more and more, the prizes cover gold bars, free single cards. In addition, during the event, the city's major brands will also hold events, the Classical Home Furnishing Hall also opened a literary drama collection, boutique auctions, furniture lectures; Europe and the United States International Home Pavilion will also set up shopping lottery wins and other activities .

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