How about the price list of Jin Ruo tiles? Is the price of golden rudder tiles high?

How about the price list of Jin Ruo tiles? Are Jin Ruo tiles expensive? Golden camel tiles have always attracted people's attention with high sales volume, and Jinyan tiles have the reputation of "the originator of Chinese polished tiles" in the industry, which is a very good brand. But for friends who want to buy ceramic tiles, sometimes such an understanding is not enough. Most people do n’t know enough about this kind of tiles, so today I ’m going to talk to you about the price list of Jin Ruo tiles and the price of Jin Ruo tiles?

Jinduo ceramic tile types include polished tiles, porcelain tiles, fully polished glazes, microcrystalline stone and so on. And from the large size of 1200 × 1800mm to the small size of 300 × 300mm are produced, a total of 11 different specifications. First of all, it is important to introduce the Onia series of Golden Rudder Ceramics. This series is characterized by natural and soft colors and transparent light, which makes the space show an elegant atmosphere.

There is also the Golden Rudder Ceramic Sea Crystal series, this product is crystal clear and can effectively reflect natural light, enhance the visual three-dimensional sense, and add noble temperament to the home. The surface density of the product is very good, which can effectively resist various domestic stains and take care of it. There is also the Fengyun Cave Stone series of Golden Rudder Ceramics, which is not inferior. The surface texture is turbulent, flowing, free and unrestrained, full of movement. The surging straight lines are like solidified waves, bringing unprecedented visual experience and soul touch.

If it is interior wall tiles DA6014 300 * 600, the price of gold rudder tiles: ¥ 146.50. The floor tiles are XA6602 600 * 600, and the price of gold rudder tiles: ¥ 45.60. These are roughly the approximate prices of the above series. If you are excited, you can go to a specialty store or online store to consult. For example, this website has a specialty store of this brand.

How about the price list of Jin Ruo tiles? Is the price of Jin Ruo tiles high? In the above, I will briefly talk about the price list of Jin Ruo tiles and the price of Jin Ruo tiles. However, in general, the price of Jin Ruo tiles is at a relatively favorable level.

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