How to choose healthy furniture to create green home

After the decoration of the house is finished, the next step is to select furniture. What are the most suitable and healthiest furniture in the market? The “toxic” furniture with excessive release of harmful substances will affect the health of the occupants, so the furniture The safety of the consumer has become the focus of consumers, what kind of furniture is the healthiest? Let's take a look.

Unqualified furniture becomes a healthy killer

Many unprocessed furniture in the market are the main culprit causing household pollution. The harmful gases emitted by these inferior furniture really affect people's health.

What furniture is the most "healthy" environmentally friendly materials create green home

Unqualified furniture becomes a healthy killer

The harmful substances in furniture made from sheet metal are mainly free formaldehyde. Whether it is solid wood furniture or sheet furniture, some formaldehyde will remain in the process. Some informal enterprises, the material processing process is not strictly regulated, resulting in The formaldehyde content released by the finished furniture is seriously exceeded, especially the paints and adhesives commonly used in furniture production, which are harmful to the human body.

In addition, in the process of furniture processing, benzene contained in organic solvents such as paints and fillers is also the most common source of pollution, and has a very volatile benzene, which affects the central nervous system of humans.

The furniture also contains pentachlorophenol, which is commonly found in leather products and wood preservatives, which can be absorbed through the skin and have an effect on the liver and kidneys.

Low release materials are the healthiest

Compared with the traditional concept of furniture consumption, the environmental protection of furniture materials is increasingly valued by consumers. The healthiest furniture is of course made of natural materials or low-release materials. These materials do not contain or contain very few harmful substances. , greatly reducing the release of harmful gases.

What furniture is the most "healthy" environmentally friendly materials create green home

Low release materials are the healthiest

Natural materials are generally solid wood, rattan, bamboo, etc., because the material is natural and does not contain chemical substances, so it is relatively environmentally friendly. If you pay more attention to the amount of processing materials such as adhesives during processing, the furniture of these materials More environmentally friendly.

Plate is the most commonly used material for furniture. The important indicator of environmental protection of plate furniture is the amount of formaldehyde released. Now the domestic environmental protection standards for furniture are divided into two levels: E2 and E1. The formaldehyde emission is: E2≤5.0mg/L, E1≤1.5 Mg/L, it is obvious that the E1 grade plate is more environmentally friendly. For the board, the tight sealing edge of the board, the environmental protection of the rubber, etc., all affect the amount of formaldehyde released.
How to choose furniture is more assured

After knowing the health killer and environmentally friendly materials, the key is how to choose the furniture, what kind of furniture is the healthiest, let's take a look at the small series, and pick out the precautions for healthy furniture.

Consumers do not have sophisticated testing, and of course it is impossible to carry furniture with precision instruments, but preliminary inspections of furniture are what consumers can do.

What furniture is the most "healthy" environmentally friendly materials create green home

How to choose furniture is more assured

Look at the standards: The grades of the environmentally-friendly plates mentioned above include E1 and E2. If you have qualified friends, it is of course safer to select E1 grades.

Look at the finish: Do not think that the finish can only see the appearance of the furniture, in fact, the appearance of the plate also affects the environmental protection. In addition to the decorative effect, the veneer has the function of separating the formaldehyde from the external environment of the plate. The wear resistance of the veneer is good and it is not easy to fade, which is more effective for isolating formaldehyde release.

Smell the smell: Consumers can smell the taste of the furniture with their noses. If the furniture smells pungent, then the furniture is likely to be polluted.

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