How to manage spruce seedlings

1. Shade Tianshan spruce is a shade-tolerant tree species, especially in the seedling stage, which requires certain shade conditions. Therefore, the shading method is adopted. After the spruce seedlings are all out, every day from 6 pm to 2 pm. The bamboo curtain can be rolled up at 9 o'clock in the morning. On August 30th, all bamboo curtains were removed to promote seedling growth and lignification.

2, weeding In order to reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, loose topsoil, increase soil permeability, there should be no weeds in the seedbed.

3. Pest Control When spraying a large number of seedlings, 1% carbendazim and methyl thiophanate can be sprayed, and the dosage per 667 square meters is 60 kg. Spray once every 7 to 8 days and spray 4 times.

4, irrigation According to the weather and soil conditions, timely and appropriate amount of watering with a watering can, keep moist.

5. Overwintering spruce seedlings are young, have low degree of lignification, are weak in cold resistance, and are susceptible to freezing damage. Especially in early spring, freezing damage and physiological drought often cause a large number of seedlings to die. Therefore, effective measures should be taken before winter snow accumulation. Good winter antifreeze work. The sawdust and sheep manure were sieved and sterilized before the soil was frozen, and a 1:3 mixture (1 part of sawing foam and 3 parts of sheep manure) was uniformly covered on the seedling to cover the top of the seedling.

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