In 2013, Beijing will shut down more than 100 home building materials enterprises

This year, Beijing will promote the control of industrial air pollution by shutting down 200 high-emission enterprises and promoting the transformation of 500-ton steam-fired boilers in the city's development zones. In the morning, the reporter was informed that under the situation of heavy smog weather and other heavy pollution days, the Municipal Economic and Information Committee will cooperate with the city's emergency plan to realize the mechanism of stop production, reduce production and pressure production of key polluting enterprises in the city.

It is reported that in order to control PM2.5, Beijing last year issued the 2012-2020 industrial air pollution control action plan and the high-pollution industrial industry exit guidance catalogue, compiled 19 energy-saving local standards such as cement, and achieved more than 200 high Emissions companies are shut down.

In 2012, the main enterprises shut down were concentrated in Fangshan District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Daxing District, etc., of which Fangshan District accounted for about 60%; the industry was mainly concentrated in building materials, chemicals, foundry, electroplating and other industries, of which the building materials industry accounted for 75%, the chemical industry accounts for about 15%.

In the morning, the relevant person in charge of the Solid Waste Department of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau told the reporter that this year plans to shut down 200 enterprises, mainly involving small building materials, chemicals, furniture factories and other high-contamination enterprises. Regarding the distribution of these enterprises, the relevant person in charge told the reporter that in addition to the relatively small distribution of the east and west urban areas, the other 14 districts and counties are involved, and each district is making adjustments according to its own plan.

The Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the current environmental protection department and the Municipal Economic and Information Commission are studying the exit mechanism of high-pollution enterprises, starting environmental access conditions for construction projects, and reducing PM2.5 emissions from industrial pollution prevention.

It is understood that the city plans to eliminate 1,200 high-pollution enterprises in construction methane sintered brick, asphalt waterproof coil, casting, chemical, wood furniture manufacturing and other industries by 2015.


The shutdown enterprise is a data estimated based on the total amount of pollution discharge and the data of the shutdown enterprises in previous years. According to the relevant standards formulated by the environmental protection department, the inspections are carried out one by one according to the actual situation. After the Shougang Shijingshan production area was shut down in December 2010, it reduced coal consumption by 2.6 million tons and reduced dust emissions by 5,900 tons.

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