Innovative product packaging strategy

Innovative products must enter the market and gain the favor of consumers. Not only should they have good internal quality, but they must also have beautiful and practical packaging.

A good package can play a role in promoting new products. There is a saying in the United Kingdom: The first impression is that it cannot be erased. The shape, photos, and text of the new product are reflected on the package, which enables the package to be the same small billboard that can be used to introduce products and attract customers. Packaging can also be used to reflect the use of new products through artistic composition, color, shape, and text, resulting in great appeal and attractiveness. Therefore, after companies develop new products, they must also work hard in packaging.

Packaging design is an important part of innovative product packaging and is directly related to the fate of new products. This requires designers to fully analyze the characteristics of the new product, grade, price and other external factors such as the market, consumers, competitors and other design factors. Packaging design varies with different products, different regions, and different consumer objects.

To master the packaging design skills, one must make the package truly represent the goods, and use physical photography pictures, the effect is better than the drawing. Products that are suitable for "appearance" are packaged in transparent or windowed packaging, which is advantageous over sealed packaging. The second is to make it convenient for consumers. The packaging of new products seeks to specify the uses, usages, and precautions of the products. Consumers can use them conveniently according to the plan. In recent years, supermarkets have developed rapidly. Many department stores and specialty stores have followed suit. Except for valuables, they are all open shelves and are freely purchased by customers. As a result, new requirements are placed on the packaging design of export products. To use hooks, slings, mesh bags, punch holes, etc. as much as possible. The third is to help protect new products. A good package should not only pay attention to interior design, but also pay attention to structural design and contribute to product safety. In order to attract consumers, the packaging of new products also needs to pay attention to a “new” word that is unconventional and strives to introduce new ones. At present, the foreign food industry is designed to allow consumers to save time and facilitate dining, designing a cooking bag that can be warmed in boiling water, a two-piece easy-open can that can be pulled open, and so on. US salt paper jars not only have a mouthful, but also have switches that can control the size of the outflow and are very convenient to use. There are also some food cans with easy-to-open cans, children's safety cover and other cleverly-structured lids to avoid the trouble of opening cans.

In order to successfully enter the market for innovative products, companies must also pay attention to the packaging strategy of new products. Common packaging strategies are:

1 supporting packaging strategy. A kind of thing is put in a package, for example, a child's toy is attached with another product, which causes the customer to be happy, or in a certain stationery, a bookmark, a picture, a person's picture, etc. are put in order to expand sales. A few years ago, the "color bud" beauty pearl cream produced in Jiangsu was exported to Hong Kong. Each box is inlaid with a pearl. If you buy fifty boxes, you can get a string of pearl necklaces. People couldn’t stop after they bought it, but they had to buy fifty boxes and get a string of pearl necklaces. Supporting packaging is also conducive to the company's new products to promote the old products, to promote long-term short-term. In this way, earning money has won the user's heart.

2. A similar packaging strategy refers to all the products of the enterprise, and adopts the same form in terms of package appearance, pattern, and color. This can greatly reduce the cost of packaging, expand the company's reputation, deepen the user's impression of such goods, play a role in advertising. For new products just listed, a similar packaging strategy is used. The United States canned with canned, more than 30 varieties, a style; Japan Shiseido different sets of men's cosmetics, more than a dozen varieties, consistent style, have a very good visual effect. Has gained the trust of users and quickly opened the market.

3. Use the packaging strategy again. After the product is used, the packaging can also be used as it is. In fact, the packaging is also a product of the company. In recent years, pharmaceuticals and health foods have adopted such packaging strategies. In addition, adopting a return packaging method causes repeated purchases, which is convenient for users and opens up sales.
4. Changing the packaging strategy is as important as the innovation. For example, companies use change packaging to expand the market and attract customers, or change the packaging and decoration of products when the sales of the products are not good and sales decline. Source: September 22, 1999 China Packaging News China's 50th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China Exhibition packaging industry exhibition unprecedented

In the exhibition area of ​​industrial economy of this exhibition, the exhibition area of ​​packing industry is unprecedentedly colorful. The exhibition will be based on pictures, text, and objects, and will be supplemented with modern audio-visual methods such as sound, light, electricity, multimedia, and light boxes. It will strive to fully reflect the struggle that China's packaging industry has undergone during the past 20 years of reform and opening up. Great achievements have been made.

After watching the packaging exhibition area, the reporter felt that for decades, the packaging industry has received the ardent care of the party and the leaders of the second and third generations of the country. Comrades Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin have made important directives to the packaging industry on many occasions, making it possible for China's packaging industry to complete the development process of the packaging industry in nearly 50 years in developed countries in just 20 years.

At present, China's major packaging products such as plastic woven bags, carton packaging products, composite flexible packaging, metal cans barrel products, paper composite cans and other products have been among the best in the world.

In the 20 years of reform and opening up, the packaging industry has changed dramatically from small to large. Since 1982, the state has arranged through China National Packaging Corporation a total of more than RMB 5 billion in various types of loans for the national packaging industry. More than 3,000 companies across the country have undergone technological transformation and more than 1,100 companies have made technological improvements. Only the “8th Five-Year Plan” has been implemented. During the period, the total investment for the technological transformation of the packaging industry reached 31 billion yuan, of which more than one billion US dollars was used for technology import. The packaging industry has arranged more than 3,000 key scientific research projects and technological innovation projects. The packaging industry has evolved from a loose, disorderly and relatively backward industry into a large industry that can meet the basic requirements for the development of the national economy and is basic and orderly.

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