Installation of vibrating screen and daily inspection and maintenance

Installation of the vibrating screen:

1. Remove the transportation support. Since the base and the screen frame of the screen are connected by springs, the upper half of the screen is fixed by transport support during transportation. After entering the installation site, the transport support should be removed. It is strictly forbidden to take the transport support test machine.

2. The sieve machine should be placed on a level basis when installing. In the case where the foundation is not used, an anti-vibration rubber sheet should be laid between the workbench and the base.

3. The cable in the vibration motor and the screen machine is subjected to severe vibration, and it should be connected to the standard ground wire for safety.

4, trial run

(1) Close the power switch and run for 20-30 minutes. The motor should normally run counterclockwise. If the direction is wrong, please adjust the three-phase power.

(2) It should be confirmed that the vibration motor operates within the rated current. When starting the operation, especially at low temperatures, the current will be slightly higher, but within 20-30 minutes, it should be reduced to the rated current value.

(3) The screen machine must not have abnormal sounds. If abnormal sounds occur, it should be shut down quickly for inspection. The abnormal sound is usually caused by the loosening of the fastening parts. Especially when it is assembled after transportation and disassembly, pay great attention to the fastening of each part. The screen machine has an instantaneous resonance zone (1-3 seconds) when starting and stopping, and the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

(4) After empty operation, a small amount of material can be fed into the sieve machine through the feed inlet, and then slowly increased to the required and acceptable feed amount. At this time, the weight should be hammered according to the discharge condition of the mesh surface. Adjust to optimize the efficiency of the screen.

(5) The general materials of this series of sieve machines are not equipped with bouncing ball devices, which can meet the screening requirements. Special materials need to be equipped with bouncing ball devices to be designed and installed separately. At this time, the no-load noise will increase.

(6) Adjustment of the phase angle of the upper and lower weights of the motor

1. Change the phase angle of the upper and lower weights to change the movement track and dwell time of the material on the net. In order to adapt the sieve machine to the separation state required by various materials, such as material distribution, treatment volume, separation efficiency, and network rate, it should be adjusted to the optimum state.

Note: The running directions of the two motors are reversed from each other! Both motors can run inward at the same time or both at the same time.

2. Adjustment of the motor phase angle. The phase angle of the upper and lower weights is reduced or increased, and its function is to increase or decrease the exciting force of the screen machine. The vibration force is increased or decreased according to the number of layers of the user's sieve machine and the specific gravity of the material, and the motor is adjusted. The weight phase angle of the hammer can achieve the best screening effect. The phase angles above and below the motor must be the same.

3. The inclination of the sieve machine is 4°-10°. Sometimes due to the influence of parameters such as specific gravity, humidity, stacking inclination angle, etc., the above adjustment phase is impossible to adjust once, so the user should have sufficient patience to adjust to make the sieve machine perform its high efficiency.

Daily inspection and maintenance:

1. Carefully check the fastening bolts at each joint of the screen machine for looseness. If it is loose, it will cause damage to the screen.

2. Whether the wiring from the vibration motor to the switch is worn or not. When replacing the cable, use a neoprene-resistant cable. It is strictly forbidden to operate.

3. Check the motor for abnormal sound and abnormal heat. The temperature limit of the motor bearing part is 40 °C higher than the ambient temperature. If it is not normal, add lubricating oil (Shell, Avanti, RL3 grease), or replace the bearing. The decoration of the motor should be carried out by a skilled technician.

4. Whether the screen is tensioned, whether the mesh surface is damaged, if there is damage, change the net in time.

5. The sieve machine must be cleaned up after each use.

6, screen replacement

1. If the screen is damaged and needs to be replaced with a new one, just remove the external locking handle, remove the screen, take out the screen frame, remove the rubber seal, tighten the bolt, and loosen the screen frame. The damaged screen can be replaced by tightening the bolts.

2, then put on the new network, re-install in 6.1 reverse order. Note: The net must be flat and sturdy. First lock the lower bolt of the screen frame and then lock the upper bolt. The two outer V-groove bolts must be tightened.

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