IT technology accelerates digitization of printing technology

With the development of high technology and people's demand for high-quality packaging products, the packaging and printing industry has carried out a wide range of technological revolutions in recent years. Multiple printing equipments have been used in combination with each other, and multiple printing processes have infiltrated each other to make printing products more Unpredictable, colorful, and set obstacles for trying to be fake.

1. Combination printing anti-counterfeiting

Combined printing is a combination of several different printing methods on a single press to meet different customer requirements. Practice has proved that combined printing can not only play a complementary role, but also create new printing effects and enhance anti-counterfeit effects. At present, screen printing is one of the key components in combination printing. It is mainly combined with flexographic printing and flat printing to play a role in security printing such as packaging and decoration.

(1) Flexo and rotary screen printing. Screen printing can show the effect of highlighting by virtue of its thick ink layer and ink layer can be adjusted. At present, the rotary screen printing unit with extremely high printing precision is printed with a flexographic printing press, which makes its application in anti-counterfeit printing more extensive. To sum up, there are the following prominent features:

1 enhance the attractiveness of the product, if the product needs to be more expressive, you can also take the effect of empty design, and then use strong colors or light and other special ink printing, to achieve the desired effect;

2 When printing the indicative signs for specific groups of people (such as the blind, etc.), adopting this printing method can also achieve the desired effect;

3 It is suitable for printing special substrates (such as greeting cards, pictures, books and magazine covers, etc.) with metallic effects such as gold and silver;

4 Applicable to exquisite packaging and decoration printing, such as the appearance of embossing, frosted and other special effects;

5 can print a large area of ​​the field and anti-white;

6 cooperate with the use of optical variable screen, temperature change screen ink, but also improve the security features of valuable tickets, high-grade trademarks;

7 Combination printing can also be used for the printing of batteries, paint labels, etc.

8 Products that need to emphasize product branding and labeling, such as drug labeling and injections. At present, EM series flexographic printing presses, which are mainly used for packaging and printing, have more than 90% of the models have been requested by the user to configure the rotary screen printing unit.

(2) flat screen printing combination printing. General high-end packaging and decorating printed products are designed with a large area of ​​color, multi-color sequence of continuous adjustment of complex lines, patterns, etc., to a single printing method has brought a certain degree of difficulty. However, if the combination of plain printing and screen printing can be used to solve this problem, it will make full use of the screen printing machine to print large areas of solid color with a thick and uniform ink, while using the advantages of flat press printing pressure. The four-color and complex lines clearly improve the quality of printed matter and enhance its anti-counterfeiting effect. In addition, for some more demanding and more complex print products, multiple processes such as flat, convex, and gravure printing can be used. Not only does the printing work well, but the anti-counterfeiting effect is also very significant. In short, the more complex the printing process, the greater the difficulty of printing the packaging decoration, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect.

2. Multi-color printing security

Multi-color printing is also called cross-color printing. The screen printing method is based on the requirement that, after the partition is placed in the screen frame, a plurality of hue inks are added, and the ink of the adjacent portion is mixed under the force of the scraper. A print process that leaks onto the substrate. It can be printed in a variety of colors at once, and the middle transition level is soft. Since it is difficult to see from the prints the distance separating the partitions within the screen, it can also play a security role. If such a process is used on a large area of ​​shading, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent.

3. Hand-engraving and typesetting

Screen-printed hand-engraved plates are somewhat similar to gravure-engraved plates, and different carving styles can achieve anti-counterfeiting. Indirect plate-making method using screen printing, first film film engraving, and then posted on the screen plate. For example, when carving the word “mouth”, the center of the mouth can be carved into a circle to form the shape of the outer circle of the inner circle, and this shape can be seen only by looking closely or under a magnifying glass so as to realize anti-counterfeiting. Using the revised technology for anti-counterfeiting can also achieve the same goal and reduce the cost of plate making.

4. Special gloss security printing

Special gloss refers to the products printed by this process. The surface gloss effect is different from the gloss effect reflected by common ink or printing paper. It is a new type of printing technology that is popular in the packaging printing industry in recent years. The special glossy printing process currently includes the following types:

1 metallic glossy printing. Adopt aluminum foil metal composite paper, use screen printing transparent ink, make the printing product to form a special metallic luster effect;

2 pearl printing. Silver paste is first deposited on the surface of the printed material, followed by a very transparent ink, and the silver paste glitters through the ink layer to show a pearlescent effect;

3 pearl glossy printing. The use of inks incorporating mica particles produces a glossy effect on pearls like shellfish and shellfish;

4 refraction printing. The use of a refraction printing plate to produce a unique effect of glow refraction on a print by a certain pressure;

5 Matt printing. After printing with matte ink or ordinary ink, it is coated with an extinction film to produce a weak luster feature.

These packaged printing products produced by special paper, ink or process not only improve the quality of the goods, but also have a relatively safe anti-counterfeiting effect due to the speciality and privacy of the printing process.

5. Laser holographic iris anti-counterfeit printing

Laser holographic iris printing is the use of laser holography, in the shock chamber to make a template, through a certain pressure transfer to a carrier. Its products are at 45. Under the illumination of the point light source, it can produce colorful and rainbow-like unique effects and three-dimensional images with strong three-dimensionality, which are deeply favored by consumers. At present, cold press coating and hot stamping are two hot stamping processes. Due to the complexity of the plate making process of this technology, it is very difficult. During the plate making process, the fine indoor air flow can cause changes and differences in the color of the holographic image. Therefore, it is impossible to make two identical hologram plates anyway. Excellent anti-counterfeiting effect.

With the development of science and technology, anti-counterfeiting printing, a new type of printing technology that combines various high and new technologies will play an increasingly important role with the progress of the times, and screen printing will also be used in its anti-counterfeiting printing with its unique advantages. Play a bigger role in the field.

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