Material knowledge of various plastic runways

First, plastic track materials

Plastic track materials consist of polyurethane prepolymer, mixed polyether, waste tire rubber, EPDM rubber particles or PU particles, pigments, additives, and fillers. The plastic runway has the characteristics of good flatness, high compressive strength, proper hardness and elasticity, and stable physical properties, which is beneficial to the athlete's speed and technology, effectively improving the performance of sports, and reducing the fall rate. The plastic runway is composed of polyurethane rubber and other materials. It has certain elasticity and color. It has certain anti-ultraviolet capacity and aging resistance. It is internationally recognized as the best all-weather outdoor sports venue floor material.

rubber track

Second, the plastic runway material types

(a) The breathable plastic runway is a double-sprayed polyurethane runway system. The base layer is a polyurethane rubber-bonded black environmental rubber particle, and the surface layer is colored EPDM rubber particles mixed with polyurethane and formed by SMG machine directly sprayed on the surface layer.

(b) The base layer of the compound plastic runway is black environmental rubber particles bonded with polyurethane resin, and the surface layer is colored polyurethane rubber particles cast in polyurethane resin.

(c) A prefabricated plastic runway is a prefabricated coil runway. Based on natural rubber and prefabricated plastic track rubber, mixed mineral fillers, stabilizers, and colorants are continuously rolled in the factory, and are integrally formed by high-temperature vulcanization at 280-300°C, mechanical embossing, and grain lines. Consistent double-layered synthetic rubber.

(d) The hybrid plastic runway is a runway system where PU and black rubber particles are mixed in a certain proportion. The materials are transported to the site and mixed in a certain proportion. The catalyst is added uniformly, paved and vulcanized at normal temperature. The surface layer is the only plastic surface layer material that has national standards and is mainly used for professional competition venues.

Third, the plastic track material characteristics

(A) breathable plastic runway product features

1. Special breathable structure: no bubbling, the bottom layer is the combination of single liquid PU glue and elastic rubber particles of American APT Company, which has air permeability function. At high temperatures, the vapor generated from the foundation will be quickly released through the vents. Vapor pressure cannot gather, so no bubbling occurs, especially in wet and rainy areas.

2, weather resistance: excellent weather resistance, not easy to aging, and will not bubbling due to weather.

3. UV radiation resistance: colored EPDM rubber particles are used on the surface layer to make it highly resistant to UV rays, leaving no fear of discoloration on the runway.

4, environmental protection: different from the traditional runway, even in the hot sun is also toxic and odorless, is conducive to maintaining the surrounding environment, conducive to good health.

(B) Composite plastic runway product features Composite plastic runway product features

1. Weather resistance: The surface rubber adopts the embedded structure to ensure that the runway system has excellent weather resistance and anti-spike shoe breaking capacity.

2, flat degree: the use of professional self-branching mechanical construction, the surface no gap and more even.

3, anti-ultraviolet radiation: material selection EPDM rubber and polyurethane glue does not make.

4. Ultraviolet radiation resistance: colored EPDM rubber particles are used on the surface to make it highly resistant to ultraviolet light, giving the runway no fear of fading.

5, environmental protection: different from the traditional runway, even in the hot sun is also toxic and odorless, is conducive to maintaining the surrounding environment and conducive to good health.

(C) Prefabricated plastic runway product features

1. Professional: Combining sports science and material science, using factory-fabricated technology, it can fully meet and embody the professional requirements of athlete participants on the runway, and fully pass the IAAF's testing of physical and chemical performance indicators of track and field runways.

2. Security: The unique surface relief and bottom nest design provides a suitable shock absorption and energy return system, which effectively improves the performance of the sport and also ensures the safety of the sport.

3、Environmental protection: Abandon the poisonous and harmful substances in the material, and truly consider the physical and mental health of the participants; The long quality assurance and re-refurbishment design can prolong the service life of the product and also save the resources of the earth; As a manufacturer We guarantee the recycling and recycling of resources after the useful life expires.

4, excellent weather resistance: in the normal climate conditions, with good acid rain, alkali, UV, anti-fungal properties, in wet conditions can also meet the anti-sliding performance required for professional competition, even in adverse weather conditions Lower (such as low temperature, high plateau climate, high UV region, etc.) also has excellent athletic performance.

5, economic and durable: higher cost, can bring maximum returns to the investment in the stadium, solid and strong structure for the product in the large, medium and primary school track and field high frequency use to improve the guarantee.

6, multi-color effects: non-glare multi-color combination, adding to the beauty of the stadium, and bring joy to the stadium participants physical and mental experience.

7. Convenient installation: Just use the special adhesive provided by us, under a small amount of manpower and mechanical conditions, you can lay the runway coil on a solid foundation. After installing the runway, you can put it into normal after 24 hours. usage of.

8, maintenance-free: no chip off phenomenon, with a certain degree of self-cleaning properties, marking the long-term new, just daily cleaning, without professional maintenance.

(D) Hybrid plastic runway product features

1. It can be used in all weathers without affecting the season and temperature difference, and can maintain a high level of quality

2, not subject to UV, ozone, acid rain and other pollution, will not fade, powder or soften, can maintain bright colors for a long time.

3, with a moderate degree of flexibility and resilience, moderate absorption of impact and improve competition results.

4, good wear resistance, compression resistance, anti-nail power, impact resistance.

5, the use of self-leveling material, the surface is flat, to maintain the flatness of the venue.

6, special construction techniques, strong adhesive force, suppress the rise of water, will not produce blisters, peeling and so on.

7, the surface color is soft, non-glare light reflection, can use a variety of colors, beautiful, to meet international standards.

Fourth, the plastic runway material requirements for the foundation

(a) Ventilated plastic runways, compound plastic runways, and hybrid plastic runways are not very high in foundation requirements due to their excellent air permeability and hydrophobicity, and cement foundations can be used directly.

(2) The prefabricated plastic runway only requires the use of special adhesives provided by us. Under a small amount of manpower and mechanical conditions, the runway coils can be laid on a compact basis and the runway can be put into operation after 24 hours. Normal use.

Fifth, plastic track material installation method SMG mechanical pavement

(i) Ventilated plastic runways, compound plastic runways, and hybrid plastic runways are completely covered with professional SMG machinery imported from Germany and can be completed in the shortest possible time, providing a higher level of flatness and seamlessness.

(II) Prefabricated and convenient installation: Only use the special adhesive provided by us, under a small amount of human and mechanical conditions, we can pad the runway coil on a dense foundation and install the runway after 24 hours. Can be put into normal use.

Sixth, plastic runway scope

(A) Breathable plastic runway and compound plastic runway are suitable for running course in secondary school, university, regional sports competition

(b) The prefabricated plastic runway is suitable for use in the Chinese and university sports fields as well as international sports venues.

(C) The hybrid plastic runway is mainly applicable to all types of runways, semi-circular areas of sports fields, auxiliary areas, national fitness venues, indoor stadium training venues, amusement park road paving yards, and international sports venues.

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