Meccanoplastica JET60 series models

Meccanoplastica has accumulated rich experience in the production of all-electric blow molding machines. For customers who value the reduction of energy consumption and final product costs, all-electric blow molding machines are indeed an ideal solution.

Taking its JET60 series model as an example, the range of electrical absorption measured during production is reduced to 9 to 12 kW. The patented operating principle is combined with the injection cycle for tube production. The finished blow molding process is used for the production of finished containers. The horizontal injection device is combined with a three-station production device. The core fixing table can be rotated by 120° to simultaneously perform injection molding, blow molding and removal of finished parts. The injection mold is driven by a variable frequency brushless motor and forms a 50-ton clamping force, ensuring maximum rigidity during injection, mold opening, and mold clamping.


Leather Bar Chair is made of leather, can be available with italian leather, aniline leather and some synthetic leather. Now more customers prefer leather Bar Chair, cause it is soft and comfortable for seat, the leg is usually made of stainless steel and solid wood. We have produced some high quality bar chairs, like LEM leather bar chair, four seasons bar chair, some customers like these designs, if you are also interested in the leather bar chair, you can also contact us for further information.



Leather Bar Chair

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