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In 1937, the founder of the American Moen Company, Mr. Al Moen, invented the world's first single-handle faucet that can only mix cold and hot water into a single nozzle. Today, his invention has brought great convenience to people all over the world. People are grateful for his unparalleled invention that has revolutionized the world's faucets and plumbing industry, and compared it with the invention of electric lights and telephones. At the same time, "Fortune" magazine also listed Moen faucet as "one of the 100 best American products in the 20th century."

Recommended reason: ultra-high cost performance, rod body can be cut to suit any installation height

Product Details

Product Brand: Moen

Shower bracket type: rotatable with lifting

Specifications: Three out of water

Spool type: ceramic disc spool

Surface treatment: chrome

Faucet installation method: wall-mounted

Material: pure copper

Hot and cold water control type: single handle dual control

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Evaluation items: appearance, details, etc.

1. Appearance

8-inch water breathing top spray shower, using high-quality 59 copper shower faucet, chrome-plated material hand shower and top spray, suitable for most modern style decoration. The surface has been tested with 5 layers of chrome plating and 24 hours of salt spray. It has long-term use and the gloss remains the same.

The water outlet of this shower can be switched arbitrarily. This function is simple to operate. Even the elderly can use this small round button to switch the water from the hand shower and faucet to meet everyone's different shower cleaning needs.

Second, the function

Another convenient feature of this shower rod body is that the height of the rod can be adjusted at will. In addition, the ceramic spool can smoothly convert the water from the top spray and the hand shower.

In terms of water saving, this product also has an additional function, which is the lower outlet with a restrictor valve design, which can effectively prevent the water flow from splashing and ensure the stability of the water flow, and the water saving effect is also very good.

Let ’s take another look at the shower. The Moen shower is an eight-inch flat-screen super large water breathing top spray. The water-rich water droplets are fuller and softer, and the experience is more comfortable. From this perspective, the user experience of this shower It is quite high quality.

3. Details

Due to different needs, you can press and hold the gray button to change the height of the hand shower and adjust the angle of the hand shower to facilitate finding a suitable location.

Let's take another look at the water output and water status of this hand-held nozzle. We can see that the hand-held spray head has even and dense water, and the high-quality chrome layer on the shower surface is as clean as new, just like a mirror.

LOGO is laser engraved, it will not fade, and the quality is guaranteed. When you buy, you must go to the regular Moen store to buy Moen authentic bathroom products.

Evaluation summary: This Moen shower package is impeccable in quality. In pursuit of user experience, Moen shower rods can be telescopically adjusted to a suitable angle to meet the needs of different users. In addition, this package has a lot of discounts on the purchase price of Qi Family. If you are satisfied, you can purchase it by clicking the link.

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