Morphological characteristics of spruce

Arbor, up to 45 meters, with a breast diameter of 1 meter; bark light grayish brown or light brownish gray, split into irregular scales or slightly thick pieces falling off; branchlets sparse or densely pubescent, or glabrous, annual Light brownish yellow, brownish yellow, light yellow brown or reddish brown, leaf pillow with white powder, or white powder is not obvious, two or three years old taupe, brown or light brown gray; winter bud conical, resin, base swelling, The apex of the upper bud scale is slightly recurved or not recurved, and the apex of the bud scale at the base of the branch is outwardly revolved. The leaves of the main branches radiate and stretch, the leaves above the side branches extend upward, and the leaves on the lower and the sides are curved upwards. The quadrangular strips are 1-2 cm long, 1-1.5 mm wide, slightly curved, apex microtips or Sharp tip, cross-section with four prisms, with stomata lines on all sides, 4-8 on each side, 4-6 on each side. Cones cylindrical or oblong or cylindrical, with narrow upper end, green before ripening, pale brown or chestnut brown when cooked, 5-16 cm long, 2.5-3.5 cm in diameter; middle scales obovate, ca. 2 cm long, broad About 1.5 cm, the upper circle or the circular shape is closely arranged, or the upper blunt triangle is arranged loosely, the apex is full, or the apex of the base or the lower part of the cone is split or dimpled; , about 5 mm long; seeds obovate, about 4 mm long, with fins about 1.5 cm long, winged pale brown, obovately oblong; cotyledons 6-7, strip-shaped cone, length 1.4- 2 cm, the primary leaves are quadrangularly strip-shaped, 0.5-1.2 cm long, apex-tip, with stomata on all sides, and the upper part of the midrib of the whole or bulge has teeth. Flowering from April to May, the cones mature from September to October.

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