National furniture industry experts on behalf of Yiwu "On the sword"

On August 31, 2012 Zhejiang University Furniture Culture Summit Forum and 2013 China Yiwu International Furniture Exhibition Industrial Cluster Development Seminar was held in our city, from China Furniture Association, National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang University Humanities College and Industrial Culture Center, furniture More than 100 experts and representatives from leading enterprises gathered together to discuss the road of transformation, upgrading and healthy development of the furniture industry.

The experts at the conference made special reports on the transformation and upgrading of the culture and furniture industry, the situation and prospects of the Chinese furniture industry, entrepreneurial thinking and corporate culture construction, culture and design, and comprehensively and multi-angled the cultural creativity, innovation and creation of the furniture industry. The far-reaching impact calls for further integration of industrial resources, accelerating the pace of industrial specialization and characteristic development, creating a furniture culture and promoting the upgrading and transformation of the industry.

It is reported that on April 11, 2013, the first international furniture industry exhibition will be held in Yiwu.

Anti-static Plastic Bags in the electronics industry, the main form of static electricity damage is caused by electrostatic discharge components of the mutation failure and potential failure, and then cause the overall performance of the decline or failure. Therefore, the main purpose of electrostatic protection and control should be to control electrostatic discharge, that is, to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge or to reduce the energy of electrostatic discharge below the damage threshold of all sensitive devices. In principle, electrostatic protection should be controlled from the generation of static electricity and Controlling the dissipation of static electricity in two aspects, controlling the generation of static electricity is mainly to control the selection of materials in the process and process; controlling the dissipation of static electricity is mainly to quickly and safely discharge and neutralize the static electricity; It is possible that the static electricity level does not exceed the safety limit to achieve the purpose of electrostatic protection. The following describes the types and characteristics of several anti-static Plastic Bags in the electronics industry.


1) Shielded anti-static sealed plastic bag: It is made of polyethylene and Germany imported antistatic agent and blown by special machinery. It is easy to pack and close with your fingers.


2) PE red anti-static plastic bag: The anti-static plastic bag is the best packaging material for printed circuit boards, so that the static electricity generated by the printed circuit board can be reliably released to avoid damage.


3) Anti-static shielding plastic bags: In order to make plastics can shield electromagnetic waves, antistatic agents should be used for metallization of plastics, which has a good shielding effect.


4) Anti-static bubble plastic bag: Anti-static bubble plastic bag and bubble chip can prevent the product from being damaged due to impact or static electricity during production, handling and transportation. This bag is suitable for the packaging of electrostatic sensitive electronic products.


5) Anti-static and moisture-proof plastic bags: It is suitable for the transportation and packaging of electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products such as PCB and IC.

6)Anti-static aluminum plastic bags . anti-static PE plastic bags and so on!


Anti-static Plastic Bags

Anti-static Plastic Bags

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