New Additive Improves Transparency of PET Plastic Bottles

Tally City, New York, USA, Ampacet's additive CrystalClear 603192-PT raises the standard for PET UV technology by increasing package transparency, reducing costs and improving all UV protection measures to maintain product integrity, color, flavor and Nutritional value.

Unlike the standard PET UV absorbance standard, it is an unsightly yellow fog; Ampacet's CrystalClear PET anti-UV additive provides higher transparency.

CrystalClear PET UV absorbing additives have been able to be economically used in combination. Quite a small dose

CrystalClear can provide the same level of UV absorption while the cost is reduced, the required dose is generally less than half of the traditional dose. Adding CrystalClear additive to PET packaging can save up to 40% in cost compared to standard PET UV absorbing additives.

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