New Measures for the Scientific Development Outlook of Domestic Packaging Industry (I)

The Third Plenary Session of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed the scientific development concept of “people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable” and emphasized that economic growth should be coordinated with population, resources, and environment. Economic development should be accompanied with environmental protection. Economic growth must be based on resources and Based on the carrying capacity of the ecological environment. This is a major strategic decision that faces the world's three major crises: population, resources, and the environment, and that China's environmental pollution is increasingly serious and the ecological environment is deteriorating. The scientific concept of development will also be an important basis for the government's future macro-control over the market, and it will be a historical symbol of China's transformation from focusing solely on GDP, light environmental economic development, to people-oriented, and comprehensive economic and social development. Faced with the transformation of China's economic development, how should the packaging industry adapt? Under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, what new trends and new trends will the packaging industry have? How should we deal with it and adopt new measures? This article will discuss this.

1 Grades and questions

Under the guidance of the “Reform and Development” banner, China’s packaging industry has achieved world-renowned achievements after more than 20 years of struggle: Chinese packaging was basically zero from 1978, and it was built into a paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, and glass. In the industrial system of 6 modern categories of packaging, packaging materials and packaging machinery, the output value of packaging is increasing at a rapid rate of 18% per year. There are many varieties and specifications. It is estimated that the output value in 2005 will reach 300 billion; in the national economy, it will occupy 40 The last few among several industries have leapt to the 15th position, and the output of packaging industry products has even reached the top 5 in the world, making China a big packaging country in the world. The rapid development of the packaging industry has greatly reduced the loss of goods, increased the value of commodities, and made significant contributions to China's GDP growth, market prosperity, and foreign trade development.

However, while the packaging industry is developing the material civilization of mankind, due to the extensive and unrestrained consumption of resources, it is, as with other industries, even more prominent, with serious negative effects. The main problems are:

1) A lot of resources are consumed. 80% of packaging industry products are used once and become waste after use. The product life cycle is much shorter than other industrial products. Moreover, the recycling rate of our country's packaging products is low, and the secondary utilization rate of resources is only a quarter of that of industrialized countries. 1/3; In order to meet the market demand, the number of products is large, but due to the relatively backward technology and equipment, the waste of resources is also greater. Among the resources consumed, petroleum, quartz sand, and iron-aluminum ore are non-renewable resources. Pulp and pulp Wood is derived from forest resources that are very lacking in China. Therefore, the packaging industry is a typical resource-consuming industry.

2) The pollution environment is serious. According to statistics, packaging waste in industrial countries accounts for 1 / 3 of the weight of urban solid waste. With the economic development and improvement of people's living standards, packaging waste is still increasing at a rate of 10% per year; especially The "white pollution" caused by non-degradable plastic packaging wastes such as foamed plastics and handbags has become a major public hazard. A nationwide public opinion poll by the US "Packaging" magazine in the 1990s showed that packaging waste has become the fourth most serious pollution that affects public life after water pollution, marine pollution, and air pollution.

2 Developing new trends

As a guiding ideology for economic development, the scientific concept of development can well suppress the negative effects of the packaging industry and give better play to its positive functions. It is expected that under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, the packaging industry will have the following new trends.

2. 1 Circular economy will become the main mode of development

Circular economy is a kind of economic growth model that takes the efficient use and recycling of resources as the core, low consumption, low emission, and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, and is consistent with the concept of sustainable development. It is “large-scale production, large-scale consumption, large-scale waste The fundamental transformation of the traditional resource-based economic growth model. The concept of circular economy requires a radical change in the tendency of re-development, light economy, heavy speed, and light economic efficiency, which emphasizes the development of a broader economy, lighter content development, and focuses on GDP and lighter environments. The new concept of circular economy was put forward by the Americans in the 1960s. It was soon taken seriously by industrialized countries. Germany and Japan successively formulated the "Recycling Economy Law" at the end of the last century to advance the circular economy with the rule of law. The international community has listed the circular economy and the knowledge economy (intellectual resources as substitutes for material resources and knowledge transfer for economic activities) as two major trends in the development of the world economy.

The circular economy of the packaging industry will consist of four major links, namely, the reduction of packaging materials, the decontamination of packaging production, the recycling of packaging resources, and the efficient recycling of packaging waste [1], as shown in Figure 1. There are many favorable conditions for the recycling economy in the packaging industry. There are already effective waste recycling systems such as the German DSD, which have been successfully operated abroad. The recycling of packaging waste from the United States, Britain and Japan has also formed an industry, and the packaging industry has implemented cleaner production in China. There are many successful examples outside. Therefore, the packaging industry can fully implement the development of circular economy and there are many mature experiences for reference. The biggest obstacle to the implementation of the recycling economy in the packaging industry comes from early implementation of a technological transformation investment in the implementation of recycling production. This is something that companies with small scales and poor environmental awareness will only want to make products to make money. They are reluctant to do so. However, under the pressure of the world's resources, environment, and population, under the objective control of China's scientific development concept, the National Development and Reform Commission has recently identified the concept of circular economy as the guiding ideology for China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan," and has developed a cycle of development. The economy lays an important position in the formulation of the overall plan and various types of plans. It will increase financial support for the development of circular economy. At the same time, in 2010, China will complete the establishment of circular economy laws and regulations. Circular economy has become China's packaging industry. The inevitable trends in the development of various industries. Packaging enterprises should recognize this situation as soon as possible, take a step forward, make up their minds, invest in transformation, take the road of circular economy development, and at the same time seize the opportunity of the state to promote circular economy, and strive to obtain the government's support for corporate technological transformation funds. Only in this way can the packaging industry change its negative effects and make greater contribution to the development of the economy and the protection of the environment. At the same time, the enterprises themselves can also benefit from the long-term reduction of production costs, respond to green barriers, and increase market competitiveness, and achieve a new round of development. .

(to be continued)

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