New Year's Red Packets for Healthy Parents May Take Children to Outdoor Sports

New Year's Red Packets for Healthy Parents May Take Children to Outdoor Sports Date: 2016-02-15 11:07

Since the Lunar New Year is coming and we have been busy for a whole year, do we need a unique gift for health?

Outdoor activities for the young people is one of the biggest role is conducive to the development of children's right brain reverse thinking. As early as the 1980s, American scientists discovered through research that the human left brain is mainly responsible for human reason, language, text, analysis, etc. The right brain is mainly responsible for music, image, experience, and intuitive understanding. Human imagination, creativity, inspiration, and ultra-high-speed response all come from the right brain. Growing young people only participate in outdoor sports, feel more of nature, and get in touch with more objects to get more exercise in the right brain. And development.

Not only that, the inertia of China’s education has left children’s thinking patterns for granted for a long time. Reverse thinking is a space to be cultivated. Many traditional games in outdoor activities can promote the development of children’s reverse thinking. For example, rock climbing, skiing, etc. exercise children's physical coordination and adaptability, promote the integration of the brain's right and left hemispheres, and thus promote the child's intellectual development; ball games, expansion, group games to exercise children's fine movements and hand-eye coordination, and then promote children Sports, social and cognitive skills.

Provincial Sports Institute Wen Zhaohui teacher suggested that proper outdoor sports can enable children to have strong physique and healthy psychological qualities. When faced with difficulties, they have strong psychological and physical advantages, and will allow children to learn in the face of difficulties. Use the power of peers, learn to cooperate, and then adapt to groups. In particular, groups of more than 10 people participate in outdoor activities, can learn to interact with others, cooperation, compliance with the rules and many other skills, is a very important way for the social development of young people.

During the Chinese New Year, parents may wish to send a wonderful outdoor event to the children. It will be a special New Year gift.

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