Note on operating constant temperature and humidity tester (2)

In the last section, I mentioned that operating the constant temperature and humidity tester should pay attention to the first section. Below we continue to understand the operation and attention of the constant temperature and humidity tester.

1. When installing and setting the machine, be careful not to let dust, wire ends, iron filings or other things enter, otherwise wrong action or malfunction will occur.

Second, the wiring must be correct and must be grounded. Failure to ground may cause electric shock, erroneous operation accidents, abnormal display or large errors in measurement.

3. Periodically check the terminal screws and fixing brackets. Please do not use them when they are loose.

4. During the operation of the instrument, the power supply terminal cover must be installed on the terminal board to prevent electric shock.

Note on operating constant temperature and humidity tester (2)

Fifth, the instrument should be fully considered for safety before performing operations such as modifying settings, signal output, starting and stopping during operation. Wrong operation will damage or malfunction working equipment.

6. Please wipe the meter with a dry cloth, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other organic solvents, and do not splash water on the meter. If the meter is immersed in water, please stop using it immediately, otherwise there is a risk of electric leakage, electric shock or fire.

7. The internal parts of the instrument have a certain life span. In order to continue to use the instrument safely, please perform regular maintenance and maintenance. When scrapping this product, please treat it as industrial waste.

8. Before starting the machine, check whether the power supply is stable.

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