Operation guide for Haozhuang brand rotary evaporator

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the Hao Zhuang (LNB) brand rotary evaporator, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable

Operation: 1. Power connection: insert the power plug of the plug-in board connected to the main unit of the rotary evaporator and the vacuum pump and the power plug of the water bath into the power socket. 2. Add water: ensure that the water level in the water bath reaches 4/5 of the bath volume. 3. Turn on the power switch: turn on the power switch on the main unit of the rotary evaporator and the power switch of the water bath. 4. Set the temperature of the water bath: There is a knob directly in front of the water bath pot. Rotate it to adjust the temperature of the water bath. The position indicated by the arrow is the set temperature. 5. Wait for the water bath to heat up: When the red heating indicator of the water bath lights up, it means that the temperature has not reached the set temperature. When the red indicator turns green, it means that the temperature has reached the set temperature. 6. Fix the evaporating bottle: connect the evaporating bottle to the grinding end of the explosion-proof ball, and hold the evaporating bottle with one hand to prevent the bottle from falling. bottle. 7. Adjust the position of the evaporating bottle: push the operating lever down to immerse the evaporating bottle slightly in the water bath. 8. Turn on the condensate: adjust the flow rate to make the condensate flow rate moderate. 9. Adjust the rotation speed: There is a knob on the upper part of the rotary evaporator main body, through which the rotation speed can be adjusted to an appropriate one. 10. Turn on the vacuum pump: After confirming that the vent valve is closed, turn on the vacuum pump. 11. Evaporation: Wait for the instrument to complete the rotary evaporation operation. If the solvent boils too quickly, quickly lift the evaporation bottle and leave the water bath. After boiling stops, press the operating lever down to immerse the evaporation bottle in the water bath. 12. Remove the evaporating bottle: after the end of the rotary evaporation, turn off the vacuum pump, adjust the speed to zero, close the condensate, open the vent valve, and after the internal and external pressures are balanced, hold the evaporating bottle with one hand and turn the clamp counterclockwise while the clamp is loose After opening, remove the evaporating flask. 13. Turn off the vacuum pump, water bath switch, and host switch. 14. Unplug the power plug.

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