Oscillating illumination incubator source - the difference between LED and incandescent

The light source of the new generation of constant temperature shaker uses LED lights. The illumination source of the traditional illumination constant temperature shaker generally uses incandescent lamp as the illumination source, which can be widely used in plant cultivation, seed germination, seedling cultivation, tissue cell and microbial culture; constant temperature and oscillation test of insects, small animals and other uses. . It adopts microcomputer full intelligent control system, powerful and anti-interference ability. It can realize the free combination of temperature, humidity and illuminance parameters of day and night 1-24 time periods. The illuminance can be adjusted in 6 levels, up to ten stages of programming.

Compared to incandescent lamps as a light source for a light shaker,

1. The advantage of LED lights is energy saving, which is only 1/4 of the power consumption of incandescent lamps.

2, long service life, incandescent lamps frequently change the intensity of the light source, the filament will soon be black and broken.

3, LED solid-state packaging, is a cold light source, to avoid the impact of oscillation during long-term oscillation operation of the constant temperature shaker.

4, LED lights are more environmentally friendly, no harmful substances of mercury.

There are two kinds of light-controlled shakers, one is a horizontal light shaker, the other is a vertical light shaker, or can be added to the constant humidity function 50%~90% according to the customer's needs or customized to meet customer requirements. The constant temperature light is used to culture the shaker.

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