Perfume bottles begin to appear on the market independently

When reporters saw the crystal car perfume bottles in front of them, they were deeply attracted to them. According to Mr. Sheng Yulan, who specializes in selling perfume bottles, former car perfumes and car perfume bottles are bundled. People may prefer perfumes rather than perfume bottles, and they may prefer perfume bottles rather than perfumes. This has always been a contradiction. Not solved. One day he "wonders": Why can't perfumes and perfume bottles be sold separately? Just like tea and tea sets, people can choose tea according to their own preferences, while tea sets are relatively independent, and they are people.

Car perfume bottles have always been the appendages of car perfumes: they are only used as a container to provide space for fragrances. When perfumes are used up, the functions of perfume bottles are basically terminated. However, with the improvement of the quality of “mobile homes”, car perfume bottles have begun to be given important decorative significance: people want them to be exquisite in shape and elegant in materials. They are not only a bottle of perfume, but also a handicraft, regardless of their own use. Or give people enough face.

After a period of brewing, Mr. Sheng's idea of ​​selling only car perfume bottles has become a reality. The daring pricing of $100-1000 is also directed at all consumer groups in the mainstream and non-mainstream. The reporter could not help wondering: Since the 100-yuan perfume bottle is beautiful enough, why did people spend 1,000 yuan to buy a similar-looking bottle? Mr. Sheng told reporters that there is a fundamental difference between 100 yuan and 1000 yuan perfume bottles. First of all, there is a big difference between the two in material selection. The crystal is divided into 6 grades, and accessories such as bottle caps are also available in a variety of materials such as gold plating, gold plating and pure gold. Different materials directly determine the value of the perfume bottle is very different. Second, if it is a designer's style, or the process is more complicated, the cost is relatively high. Mr. Sheng believes that different levels of consumers have different levels of demand, so it is necessary to open the price gap.

Is it just because the crystal is beautiful? In fact, crystal perfume bottles and some glass perfume bottles do not have "exclusive features." According to reports, car perfumes are exposed to sunlight all year round. If ordinary glass bottles are used, they can easily deteriorate due to uneven heating. However, if you use crystal bottles, you can maximize the shelf life of perfumes. In addition, the reporter found that these perfume bottles "tummy" are particularly small, according to reports, the capacity is the standard 2ml. Compared to other perfume bottles, this capacity is not a small point? Mr. Sheng explained that: 2ml is the most scientific and reasonable capacity of car perfume bottles. “There are too many perfumes for one time, the volatilization effect is not good, and it is prone to go bad after being put for a long time. 2ml can be used for two months or so, can make the perfume before deterioration. When it is used up, there is less waste."

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