Prepress graphic design key knowledge eight questions and eight answers

Why not set the resolution in typography and graphics software?
Typographic software is an object-oriented software. Expressions of text and graphics are expressed in an algorithm language. The objects produced are incapable of resolution, and they are output at the output device resolution. With a high device resolution, the output resolution of the production page is high. Therefore, graphics software and layout software do not set the resolution. The images imported by the layout and graphics software are read from the original image when output. This is related to the resolution of the original image.

What kind of digital proofing is the most reliable?

Digital proofing is to print proofs directly from the prepress or design file output of the computer, instead of using the traditional proofer ink to simulate proofing. There are many digital proofing methods. The digital proofing program introduced by different manufacturers is not the same. Can roughly be divided into the following categories: 1 direct output inkjet proofs: This method is the simplest, directly driven by the printer to print the file. However, since the inkjet printer's ideas are diffused, the colors are bright, and the proofs are far from the printing results. 2 The second use of color management, and then use the inkjet printer output: this method of color and printing color is closer, but because there is no RIP interpretation, and printing is still some gaps, and error prone. 3 After using RIP to explain, use the inkjet printer to output the halftone dot: This method is because the RIP and the printing plate are the same time, and can find related errors with high accuracy. 4 The same RIP as the printing film or printing plate is used, and the dots are represented by a color layer using a transfer method, such as DuPont's proofing method.

What is CIP3?

CIP3 is short for "Cooperationfor Integration of Prepress, Press, and Postpress." It is an international cooperation organization whose members are composed of many international companies dealing with images and words. There are 34 major members so far. The purpose of the establishment of this organization is to standardize and formulate standards for digital control of prepress, postpress and printing, and to create conditions for digital image processing and printing processing. CIP3 already has a unified file format PPF, PrintProductionFormat. The production control of each print product can generate a CIP3 specification file to control the entire process. The PPF file can be a variety of digital control commands for controlling platemaking, printing, folding, die-cutting, and binding, and can accurately and rapidly control the production process in production. For example, during the prepress process, the value of the ink coverage area during printing is generated based on the image, a PPF file is generated and sent to the printer, and the printer ink control system supplies the ink according to the data PPF file. CIP3 is a must-have content for a digital workflow.

The resolution of the lithographic scanner is written as 600×1200 dpi, what does this mean?

The resolution of the flatbed scanner includes resolution in two directions: first, resolution in the horizontal direction, ie, the distribution density of the CCD unit; and second, resolution in the vertical direction, ie, the step size of the scanning motor. Here 600dpi refers to the horizontal CCD distribution density and 1200dpi refers to the step size of the forward motor. Greater China Graphic Arts Network

What is the level of development of high-end flatbed scanners?

With the advancement of technology, the flatbed scanner is getting closer to the drum scanner. For example, the optical resolution of the Colorpix scanner of the Japanese screen company can reach 5300 dpi, which can fully meet the requirements of high-end color printing. In addition to the resolution, high-end flatbed scanners now generally have the following functions: The scanning area is larger and larger, it can scan A3 or larger originals; the density range can reach about 4.0, comparable with the roller scanner; scanning speed is high, Can adapt to mass production; With artificial intelligence function, can scan according to the original category; Elimination of moire technology; Dot scanning, adapt to CTP process; Manuscript to adapt to the wide: photos, lines, printed products, positive film, negative film. In addition, some high-end flatbed scanners have XY scanning capability: that is, the CCD can be moved in both X and Y directions, and can achieve higher optical resolution, ensuring that the images on any place on the original table are higher The resolution and clarity. Some high-end flatbed scanners also have Z-direction zoom scanning capability: they can change the focal length of the optical system and can change the scanning area and optical resolution at the same time.

What is the scanner's xy scan technology?

There are many high-end flatbed scanners that use the xy scanning technology. They have "XY" letters on the scanner's name, such as AgfascanXY-15, ArtixScan600XY, etc. It refers to the scanner in the X, Y direction ( That is, the scanning accuracy on the horizontal and vertical sides is equal. The accuracy of most flatbed scanners in the horizontal and vertical directions is unequal, thus affecting the accuracy and resolution of the image scan. XY scanning technology can obtain the highest resolution scanning quality anywhere in the scanner's full range, and is therefore a technology upgrade for non-XY technology scanners.

What is the De Moire function?

De Moire is Japan's screen company's patented scanning technology, is a software. It can effectively eliminate the moire that exists in a certain type of manuscript. We all have the experience that when scanning fabrics and speakers, even a positive-colored original can produce object moire. De Moire can automatically detect the potential Moire area in the image and eliminate it to produce the desired final result.

What is "CopyDot"? How is it different from a traditional analog copy?

"CopyDot" is a copy of a dot, which is different from the "copy" of a traditional analog plate making process. The “copy” in the traditional analog platemaking process refers to the close combination of the film and the photosensitive material, which is then subjected to exposure copying after being vacuumed by a copying machine, and then rinsed with a developer solution so that the graphic image is transferred from one film to another. On purpose. The "CopyDot" uses digital image copying technology to scan film texts, lines and images through a scanner with "CopyDot" function, making the film dots become the corresponding data, and the information on the film can be integrated into the data. Imposition, grouping the entire digital workflow. It solves the problem of overprinting caused by long-term preservation of the four-color film, repeated use, or too large film format. At the same time, the quality problems caused by yellowing and scratching of the film can also be scanned by the dot-scanner. To make repairs, these are not available in traditional analog copies. The scanner Copy Dot feature was developed to suit the needs of both direct plate and digital printing processes because digital printing does not require film, but sometimes the film delivered by the customer or the previously saved manuscript is a film. , Digitize outlets directly with other contents to make or print.

Source: HC Network Printing Industry Channel

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