Product Improvement Package Sales Act

In merchandise sales, the impact of merchandise packaging on the sales of goods is not obvious. According to a conclusion drawn by the US DuPont Chemical Co., Ltd. in a market survey, "63% of consumers buy according to the packaging and decoration of goods." This view is known abroad as "Dupont Law." In addition to the aesthetic design novelty and exquisite elegance of the packaging and decoration art, the following improvements can be taken:

1. Small Package

Small packaging is a packaging strategy that facilitates the purchase and care of multiple levels of demand and is applicable to a variety of commodities for daily consumption.

2. Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is today's packaging strategy that replaces iron and glass bottles.

3. Series packaging

Several related products are packaged in the same packaging container, such as a series of cosmetics and a series of stainless steel tableware, etc., packaged together to facilitate sales and customer use.

4. Multipurpose packaging

For example, some glass packagings containing beverages and foods can be used as drinking cups after the food is eaten, and can be used for dual use or multiple use.

5. Transparent packaging According to the research and study of foreign markets, the new packaging development trend is the popular transparent packaging, that is, one or more of the goods packaging is transparent, or even transparent, so that consumers can clearly see the goods inside the package. This transparent packaging began to be popular in food packaging. According to the survey, the same type of food, transparent packaging is much more popular than non-transparent packaging, and the price is also 10% higher. At present, transparent packaging has developed rapidly in foreign countries, such as watches, clocks, radios, tape recorders, televisions, toys, telephones, etc. that are made of transparent resin. This transparent packaging has also been promoted in our country's market.

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