Rapid development of color management technology Printing process standardization needs to be improved

Ebb Tide, the survival of the fittest, this world financial crisis has begun to make domestic printing colleagues suddenly feel the arrival of the winter. Industry knowledgeers began to realize that the competition among printing companies has begun to evolve from the investment competition of equipment to the competition to enhance the soft power of enterprises, and the domestic printing industry will also progress from extensive management to refined management. The successful application of color management technology in printing companies marks an important step forward in the fine management of printing enterprises. Many years of research and teaching in color management of printing have given me the privilege of witnessing the continuous development and promotion of color management technology in the country, and even the process of mature application.

The first contact with "Color Management" originated in the beginning of 2000. The introduction of Chen Yaxiong's series in "The Graphic Arts Society Monthly" made me gradually realize this technology and fully realized the importance of this technology to the development of printing. In 2001, my school opened a special course on “Print Color Management” and became the first school in China to open this course. Soon, the printing color management technology course was promoted in major printing schools.

The domestic printing industry also attaches great importance to this technology. In 2004, the Shanghai Labor Bureau developed this technology into a professional technical module for the printing industry, formulated corresponding professional standards, training outlines and assessment standards, and passed professional training in combination with skills verification. The format promotes this technology within the industry. I was privileged to participate in the development of this professional technology module. This module organizes the content related to color reproduction in the printing process, involving methods and techniques for quality assessment of color reproductions, device linearization of color reproduction systems, digital cameras and scanning Sight correction, screen soft proofing, digital proofing, etc. The training and learning period of the color management technology module is January. The learning content includes both relevant color theory and color reproduction theory. At the same time, it is more practical to conduct color management technology. Through one after another training project, master the color reproduction system. Complete color management technology. Since the development of the module, more than 30 training sessions have been completed so far. The participants have come from many different types of color reproduction industries such as printing companies, leather processing, art design and advertising, digital photography, etc., thereby further promoting domestic color management technology. Applications and research.

Since then, with the popularization of digital proofing technology in the country, the color management application technology has also been rapidly developed. Today, domestic color management applications represented by digital proofing are commonly used in books and periodicals, commercial printing, and so on. A number of digital proofing system developers have also continuously improved their technology, making the proofing effect more desirable. In addition, the application of color management technology has expanded to a wider range of fields such as wide-format inkjet output, art reproduction, and digital printing. Recently, the Shanghai Art Museum exhibited some of Yachang’s limited-edition copy of the painting. According to my observations, it has indeed reached the point where “the truth is out of order.” This shows that the level of domestic color management technology has been quite high.

Although color management technology has developed so rapidly in China, after visiting many companies, I feel that most companies are unable to apply technology. After analysis, most of the problems are focused on the standardized management of printing processes and processes, such as the calibration of display screens, the stability of the color of proofing equipment, and the color stability of printing equipment. After careful analysis of these problems, it can be found that this does not come from the problem of the color management technology itself, but is caused by the problems of the entire printing production system. Although it is part of the printing color management, it is more the basis for the standardization of the printing process. The problem is that if this problem cannot be solved, it will affect the further application of color management technology. The issue of printing process standardization has become an obstacle to the further development of printing color management.

In short, color management technology has been widely used in the domestic printing industry, and is widely used in many fields such as offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, digital printing, inkjet printing, and photography. In view of the current lithographic printing with the largest market share, I believe that the development and application of printing color management technology in China needs to strengthen several aspects of work, on the one hand to speed up the process of printing standardization, such as research and application of G7 or similar methods, so that The printing industry standardization of domestic printing enterprises can be solved. On the other hand, companies, schools, and governments are working together to improve the technical standards of printing professionals. This is the basis for the progress of China's printing industry.

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