Renovation challenges teach you how to say goodbye to poor quality building materials

In the face of the decoration building materials in the decoration market, the first thing to do is to go to the big building materials supermarket and the regular home store to buy, and also buy the brand business as the first choice. After buying, you must remember to ask for the after-sales order. Class of rights-protected items in case of emergency.

Why do we always face a variety of problems when we are decorating. Not in the contract when encountering a variety of text traps, is constantly being deceived by the unscrupulous construction team during the renovation process. The purchase of building materials is even more frightening, and I am worried that I will pay a big price and buy the problem goods. However, the construction of the whole home, all kinds of basic and major materials are indispensable. In the face of so many inferior building materials, the decorators can't help but scream in their hearts: When will your deception be taken?

Quality problems caused by various inferior building materials

1, metal wallpaper odor

"Why do I smell a pungent smell when I open the wallpaper when I buy the wallpaper? I think it has a problem, but the seller said that as long as it is attached to the wall, it will be fine. This metal wallpaper is safe. Safety? If it is really on the wall, the volatile gas will still be sucked in by ourselves. It is definitely harmful to the health of the body. What should we do?” Last week, Miss Li issued such a help post in the forum.

After seeing the problem, Xiaoji interviewed some sales people in the wallpaper industry. They said: The so-called metal wallpaper is a metal such as gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum, etc. Wallpaper surface. The metal wallpaper that is generally purchased is called "gold foil". The price of the entire wallpaper finished product market is quite different, ranging from 20 yuan a square meter to thousands of yuan a square meter.

In fact, the metal wallpapers made by heavy metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc., are all made of paper. The electrolytic aluminum is made into a film by special techniques, and the electrolytic aluminum is bonded to the paper with a binder. .

As for the small question asked why it would be irritated by metal wallpaper, the salesperson said that the electrolytic aluminum itself is odorless, and the odor is caused by the inferior ink solvent used for the coating of the base paper.

2, waterproof material is not waterproof

Whenever I enter the rainy season, there are always a lot of owners who feel that their home is so easy to become "a piece of ocean", and it has always been waterproof before the renovation.

Compared with building materials such as wires, water pipes, and floors, the quality of waterproof materials is considered by some decorators to be a "small problem." But the fact is that the waterproofing of the roof is an important project of the building. The leakage of the roof will directly affect the function and life of the building. Recently, the “louver” and “crunchy” incidents exposed by the media are almost always related to the waterproof quality of buildings.

Although there are quite a few national standards for waterproof materials, in practice, the implementation of standards is not in place. Some inferior products have been replaced by a new name, and they have entered the market in an imposing manner to squeeze qualified products from regular manufacturers at low prices. Construction workers do not understand the process, and blind construction is also an important factor affecting the waterproof effect. When heavy rain or heavy rain comes, the seams are particularly prone to water seepage, and dealing with local leaks is often more troublesome than new projects, so water leaks become difficult to cure "dysentery."

   3, the plate formaldehyde is seriously exceeded

Ms. Ye’s new home has been renovated for five months, but Ms. Ye’s family has been slow to move into a new home. "I can't stand it every time I go to 10 minutes, my nose is itchy, my eyes are weeping, and I feel uncomfortable." Ms. Ye said that the unpleasant smell came from the three large cabinets made in the room. “When the plate was just pulled, it smelled bad. I thought it would be good for a while. Who knows that the taste is still so heavy until now.” Later, I asked the relevant testing agencies to test that the formaldehyde content in the air in the home exceeded the standard. Six times, and the testers said that the formaldehyde in these large cabinets is estimated to be volatile in two or three years.

At present, all kinds of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, plywood, new furniture, wall or floor decoration auxiliary equipment on the market use formaldehyde as the main component of the adhesive. If the concentration of formaldehyde in the air is too high, it will have an adverse effect on the human body.

4, the tile becomes a "mud doll"

Mr. Huang was watching TV in the living room one day, and suddenly heard a "jingle" from the kitchen. He rushed into the kitchen and saw that the white tile on the window sill fell to the ground and fell into several large pieces. "How did a good tile suddenly fall?" Mr. Huang did not feel relieved, and checked other tiles, and found that many tiles appeared cracked and hollow. "If you don't handle it, maybe you have to drop a few pieces."

In people's minds, tiles should be durable products, and it should be no problem for 10 years. But in fact, some tiles became "mud dolls" shortly after paving, and some also showed cracking and hollowing. This is caused by both the quality of the tiles themselves and the improper methods of laying the tiles.

If the hardness of the tile is not enough, the load is too high during use, it is easy to crack; if the tile is not flat, the corners are upturned, which will cause the tile to bend; if the water absorption of the tile is high, the surface will be yellowish and black point. During the laying process, if the proper gap is not reserved, the tile will be cracked, emptied or peeled off; the unqualified adhesive will also cause problems such as empty drums and falling off after the tile is laid; When the tile is cracked, it will show regular cracks in the horizontal, vertical or oblique direction.

   Rights protection is imminent

In the face of the decoration building materials in the decoration market, the first thing to do is to go to the big building materials supermarket and the regular home store to buy, and also buy the brand business as the first choice. After buying, you must remember to ask for the after-sales order. Class of rights-protected items in case of emergency.

For the quality management and supervision of basic building materials such as plates and waterproof materials, manufacturers, construction units, and acceptance units are required to work together. As the owner, it is best to directly participate in or entrust the supervision department to participate in the selection and purchase of materials and the supervision and inspection of materials on the construction site, and refuse to use counterfeit and shoddy products.

For ordinary consumers who are not familiar with the professional knowledge of sheet metal, the first thing to look at is the grade of product labeling when selecting the board. The E0 grade board is the first choice, followed by the E1 grade board and the E2 grade board again. In addition to looking at the inspection report and keeping the invoice, you can also saw a small piece of plate as evidence to stay, it is best to sign and approve.

In the purchase of tiles, the problem is usually seen from the appearance, such as black spots or pinholes, which is caused by the failure of the tiles during the calcination process. In addition, scratches, cracks, etc. appear on the surface of the tile, which may be caused by collisions during transportation.

Therefore, in the decoration, the purchase link should avoid selecting high quality and low price items as much as possible, so as to worry about the decoration in the future, but if you really encounter quality problems, first find the building materials city or distribution of the purchased materials. Business, it is recommended to buy building materials to the building materials city with the first payment service, the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.


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