Repair the eyebrows to make the face look more petite

Eyebrows can determine a person's face, even temperament. That's why the supermodel's three-dimensional face and makeup always make us very excited. Let's study how eyebrow makeup can make a three-dimensional look !

Repair eyebrows

Three key points of the three-dimensional eyebrow

Point 1: The brow is not suitable for drawing lines too obvious, because the brows on both sides are shaping the lines between the forehead and the bridge of the nose. The brows are too thick or the lines are too obvious, which makes your facial features look blunt.

Point 2: The position between the brow and the eyebrow determines the curvature of the eyebrow. Compared with the up-and-coming willow eyebrows that everyone likes in the past, the three-dimensional eyebrow emphasizes the gentleness, nature, and versatility, so this position should be horizontally depicted, and it will feel more natural.

Point3: The angular peaks of the eyebrows have always been the choice of many girls, because this will make the eyebrows look more delicate, but it is only suitable for the standard face of the face, the goose face, like the square face, inverted triangle face It will become rigid and even the expression will become stiff and fierce. The position of the eyebrows is slightly rounded, and the facial features are much softer.