Significance of ultraviolet light accelerated aging test machine for rubber industry

China is one of the fastest-growing countries in the rubber industry in the world. While the rubber industry is growing rapidly, its industrial structure and product structure have been further optimized. During the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, the annual growth rate of the total industrial output value of the domestic rubber industry reached 36%, and the annual consumption growth rate reached 12.25%. Among them, the annual average growth rate of radial tires reached 28.5%, and the annual growth rate of tire exports was as high as 34.94%. It can be seen that the rubber industry plays an important role in China's economic development and operation. At the same time, the growth and progress of rubber products further promoted the optimization and upgrading of rubber products, the emphasis on product quality and research and development, which in turn prompted the demand and development of ultraviolet accelerated aging test machines.
The inherent characteristics of rubber products determine that it has an inevitable connection with the ultraviolet accelerated aging test machine. Rubber products have the characteristics of high elasticity, viscoelasticity, cushioning and shock absorption, electrical insulation, temperature dependence, aging phenomena and must be vulcanized. The aging phenomenon among them greatly affects the quality of rubber products. So, in order to make the rubber products more durable and extend the service life in the natural environment, it is imperative to use ultraviolet light accelerated aging test machine for product aging test.
The UV accelerated aging test machine simulates the damage of natural sunlight and moisture to the material, and reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The equipment exposes the material to be tested in a controlled interactive cycle of sunlight and moisture. At the same time increase the temperature to conduct the test. The equipment uses ultraviolet fluorescent lamps to simulate sunlight. At the same time, it can also simulate the influence of moisture through condensation or spraying. Reproduce these environmental conditions on the material, form a cycle, and let it automatically complete the number of cycles to obtain the weather resistance Experimental results. Used for non-metallic materials' sunlight resistance and artificial light source aging test, such as paint, ink, paint, resin, plastic, printing and packaging, adhesive, automobile and motorcycle industry, cosmetics, medicine and other industries, which are extremely widely used.
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