Small apartment can also have a cloakroom without watching Dassin's wardrobe will regret it.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] has a separate cloakroom, which is the common wish of many beautiful girls. With the gradual increase of clothes and shoes, do you want a cloakroom that belongs to you? But now the per capita housing area is getting smaller and smaller. Even if you barely squeeze out space planning to become a cloakroom, perhaps many people think that the cloakroom is just the exclusive space of a large space, and it is just a luxury dream for a small space! In fact, small units can also design a beautiful cloakroom. The following Dassen custom home allows you to enjoy the small apartment cloakroom design.

Dassen wardrobe picture

The large hallway may have reserved a niche for you, specifically for the wardrobe . You need to customize the door and the inner frame according to the size of the space. Choosing a moving door can reduce the obstacles caused by opening the door. The internal structure is more separated to prevent accidental needs. Items such as quilts may be placed in the closet in the hallway, so be sure to plan ahead.

Bedroom wardrobe design

Corner-shaped wardrobe, suitable for opening rooms or large, multi-functional bedrooms. The wardrobe can take on the role of the partition wall. If the room is well lit, then you can make the most of the space and design the wardrobe into a top-of-the-line style.

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